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Want to know my best kept holiday gift secret?


Then start shopping now and hide the bags in a garment bag in your closet!

As soon as school begins, it is the perfect time to start your holiday shopping!

Now the shelves are stocked to the ceiling and the world is your oyster!

Before you know it December comes fast, then your choices are limited, and items are gone!

Sales are great, but sometimes by the time you wait, the lines as well as the gas and tolls, it pays to get them now.

Secondly I hide gifts in garment bags in our closets, so that surprises aren’t spoiled! ~LOVE this!

If you wrap as you purchase it is worth its weight in gold!

Enjoy my fab tip, and take it from a Mom who is starting holiday shopping this week!

Calling all Mommanista’s for a fun beauty event at Saks!

With the kiddies back to school, schedules, and after school activities under way, what better way to come together!

Saks and I partnered up for a fabulous beauty event this month. Bring friends and enjoy small nibbles, amazing give aways, as well as preview some spectacular products!

Hope to see you there, & please RSVP to the number on the invite!

Happy back to school ladies!


Want a few cute ideas to decorate for back to school?


Then head to the dollar store and the market!

Every year I love to decorate our kitchen for the first day of school.

A few cute ideas are to put a globe, ruler, pencil box, a box of crayons, abacus or blocks on the table.

Last night I took red and green pipe cleaners, and wrapped pencils around them and hung them on our chandler.

Then I took construction paper to use as place mats, bendable rulers, an apple and a book mark for table decorations decorations.

My final touch was a message with Crayola window markers on our mirror and kitchen windows which was a hit!

As I have said before, when you make school exciting, your kids will be excited too!

Take it from a former teacher and Mom who knows! Happy Back to School week!


Want to make a memorable pizza al fresco?


Then gather the following items below and head outside!

Every summer we love making memories with our children and pizza on the BBQ is a must! A family friend has inspired us to take pizza making to a different level!

As I have said many times, cooking with your children is a great way for them to try new things.

*4 cups of homemade tomato sauce
*2 large fresh mozzarella sliced paper thin
*1 bunch of Organic basil leaves torn
*1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
*1 cup of Extra Virgin olive oil
*2 large pizza dough rounds (Either purchase from a local pizzaria or make the dough homemade)

Utensils/items needed:
*Large wooden or plastic cutting board
*1 wooden rolling pin
*Pizza cutter
*5 small bowls for ingredients
*5 spoons
*Silicon basting brush
*2 Cookie sheets
*Optional add your favorite toppings

1.) Preheat the BBQ to 500* degrees on a medium flame preferably.
2.) Place all ingredients along with a spoon in each bowl.
3.) On a cutting board lightly flour the surface and rolling pin.
4.) Next cut each dough round in half and set aside.
5.) Take 1 out of 4 rounds and roll in a thin rectangular shape, brush with olive oil, then place oil side down on the grill and cook until slightly brown 3-5 min.
6.) Brush the top with Olive oil and flip to cook the opposite side. Quickly add 1 cup of sauce, basil, fresh mozzarella and any other toppings, then cook for 3-5 minutes until golden brown.
7.) Sprinkle with fresh Parmesan cheese, slice with pizza cutter into slices.
8.) Continue the above directions for the remaining 3 dough rounds and enjoy!

Take it from a Mom who adores creating memories each summer, and finding fun ways to cook with the kiddies!


Want a fun activity for the kids this summer?


Then head to the beach!

Every summer our children collect countless buckets of shells which they love to paint, both at the beach and at home.

In our beach bag I always have the following in a large Ziplock bag…

*Melissa & Doug beach bucket
*Crayola paint
*Crayola paintbrushes
*Crayola glitter glue pens
*Paper cups
*Paper napkins or folded paper towels
*Baby wipes (to clean hands or surfaces)
*Sharpie marker

Whether at the beach or at home I have the kids lay a few newspaper sheets for each child, then fill cups with water. Afterwards I write each child’s name on the backs of all of their shells to prevent any issues.

Crayola makes amazing sets of paint, glitter glue pens, as well as a variety pack of paint brushes which are perfect for a number of children to share.

I usually model for the kids creating my own shell, and dip my paintbrush in a cup of water in between colors, then dabbing it in a paper towel.

Activities that are hands on and promote creativity are the most memorable ones for children I feel.

Enjoy your paint fest, and turn a simple shell into a masterpiece with your kids!

Take it from a Mom Who cant wait to stroll with the kiddies for more shells this week, and have a shell exhibit for our family!

Looking for a healthier alternative to prepackaged cookie mix?


Then head to www.scratchandgrain.com!

I stumbled upon this amazing company at Sur la Table in NYC, and went right to their website to order more!

Scratch & Grain was founded by two mothers who were searching for healthier versions of traditional cookies. They created mixes that are pre measured in packets of Organic ingredients, and all there is to add are eggs and butter! ~LOVE this!

They have a variety of mixes like Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookie, Oatmeal Raisin, and 3 Gluten-Free mixes of Chocolate Truffle, Peanut Butter and Snicker Doodle.

Whether you are a working or stay at home parent, Scratch & Grain has made baking cookies easier in a healthier way!

Take it from a Mom who loves the entire collection, and your kids will too!

Want the inside scoop of my favorite lines from Playtime New York?


Today I had the opportunity to preview amazing lines at Playtime New York’s international children’s trade show!

From A-Z my top clothing line picks for Spring 2015 are Amelia (Italy), Be Lucky (Spain), Beau Loves (U.K.), Caramel Baby & Child (London), Desalitto (USA), Je suis en CP! (France), Kids the Frog (Belgium), Lately Lily (USA), Luisa Et La Luna (USA), My Little Baby Rock (Israel), Nancy Vuu (USA), Suoak (USA), & Urban Kids (USA).

For accessories & toys loving Atsuyo Et Akiko (USA), Coq en Pate (France), Herschel Supply Co. (Canada), Little Lux (Mexico), Little Paisley People, plantoys (Thailand), & Shorteez (USA).

Shoes I adore from the show are AKID (USA), maa’+manuela de juan (Spain), & Neon Rae (USA) for little toes.

The fun trends for Spring will surprise us all, and 2015 will be sweet treat inspired colors, fun prints, and more!

Take it from a Mom Who adores fun, and fabulous fashion!