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Looking for a Pesto sauce that is kid approved, & packed with vitamins?


Then head out to your local farm or market!

“Mom Who Knows Pesto Sauce”


*1 cup of packed organic basil leaves 

*1 cup of packed organic baby spinach

*1 organic garlic clove

*2/3 cup if organic extra virgin olive oil

*1/4 cup of organic walnuts or pistachio nuts (For nut allergies, you could use organic pumpkin or sunflower seeds in place of nuts.)

*1/2 cup of grated Parmasean cheese

*Salt & pepper to taste

*Grilled chicken, shrimp or 1 can of organic rinsed small white beans


1.) Put the garlic clove in the mortar or food  processor until it is a paste-like consistency.

2.) Next add the nuts or seeds, then basil, spinach and continue to smash or pulse until the same paste-like consistency.  

3.) Add 1/2 of the olive oil and blend or pulse until smooth.

4.) Afterwards, add salt & pepper to taste, and grated cheese.

5.) Pour the remaining oil on top and serve with a spiral pasta & fold in the protien of your choice.

By cutting 1/2 the garlic and basil out of most traditional Pesto sauce recipes, I have found that most children enjoy this dish.

Take it from a Mom Who loves cooking with her children!

Enjoy a one pot meal packed with vitamins, and a dish that your children will love to make with you!

Want a memorable painting for your children to do this summer?


Then head to your local craft store for the following!

There is nothing more I love then to create fun experiences for our family!

Painting at the beach, pond or lake is an activity that your children will adore!

Just pick up the following:

*Package of rectangular canvases 

*Crayola washable paint sets 1 set per 2 children

*Multi size paint brushes

*1 paper cup per child

*Beach blanket

*Paper towels

*1 bucket of sand


*Sharpie marker

“Momwhoknows Painting ala Fresco Activity”

Simply set up a beach blanket for the kids with a canvas, paint, cups filled with water to clean brushes, a paper towel and sand cup.

Draw 3 equal horizatal lines on the canvus as a blueprint if your child wants to paint a landscape (sky, water, land).

After they are finished, sprinkle some sand on the wet painting if it is a beach scene, then dry in the sun.

If the paint is too sheer, they can go over & do another layer of paint to give their painting a more vivid look.  

Afterwards have your child sign their name on the right corner like a true artist!

This activity can be done as early as age 3+, and will be one your family will enjoy!

Take it from a Mom who wants to do a few more this weekend and have a family show the end of the summer!

Looking for a healthy snack for the kiddies great for the beach or pool?


Then pick up a seedless watermelon!

There is nothing more refreshing then seasonal fruit!

Whether it be a snack or a refreshing pick me up, my “Watermelon Fingers” are a hit!


1.) Simply wash your Organic seedless watermelon with fruit wash, then rinse under water.

2.) Cut the melon in half, & work with one half at a time.

3.) Face the melon fruitside down, cut the ends off and discard. Afterwards make 1 inch slices, and place onto a dish or platter.

4.) With the other half do the same, & place in small ziplocks and freeze in portion sizes.

My Momwhoknows Watermelon Fingers are great for dessert, teething, fat lips, or to simply enjoy at the beach (instant ice pack)!

Take it from a Mom who just bought another watermelon, lol!  Enjoy!

Looking for fab gifts for Father’s Day?


Then check out my fave pics this year!

For the baseball fan… Shwoodshop makes a Loiusville Slugger Collection eyeglasses that are truly unique!  (www.shwoodshop.com)

If cologne is Dad’s thing, then I love Prada Luna Rosa Eau De Toilette.  (Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus)

Ralph Lauren’s custom monogram Polos are great for the golf loving Dad.  (www.polo.com)

Aviators are still a classic trend in eyewear, & Maui Jim has a fab selection!  What’s great about this company is that most of their eyewear can be made with prescription lenses, & their warranty is amazing!  (www.mauijim.com)

For the Wall Street Dad, loving Mr. Cufflink’s Buy/Sell & Sell High/BuyLow cufflinks. (mrcuff.com)

Collar Stays always break or get lost, but Power Stays that are magnetic will be a favorite to Dad!  (Nordstrom)

BBQ meet The Green Egg smokers!  They come in many sizes, & have amazing ratings! (Home Depots, Lowes, or most hardware stores)

Williams Sonoma’s monogram steak brand is a fun gift for the BBQ loving Dad! (www.williamssonoma.com)

If adventure is the game for Dad, then The Go Pro camera is a must!  This camera has many functions & has a waterproof case as well, perfect for the beach!  (Best Buy, Amazon)

For the handy Dad, Gorilla Light is a must-have gift!  (Home Depot, Lowes or most hardware stores)

Speaking of the beach or for poolside, Sunny Life’s waterproof radio & is fab for tunes ala fresco!  (Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Amazon)

Dads who love kayaking will love the Point 65W which LL Bean sells online.  This lego-like kayak is the coolest one I have seen so far!  Great for travel, small storage spaces, & can be expanded with other kits!  (www.llbean.com)

Recordable books for Dad from Hallmark store are a treasure & are a timeless gift! (www.hallmark.com)

Some other picks are matching swimwear for Dad & the kiddies.  (www.vilebraquin.com, www.polo.com, www.landsend.com, www.jcrew.com)

Man Crates fun boxes gifts for men, the gift collections are endless!  (www.mancrates.com)

For the fish loving Dad, the Fishing Enthusiast has it all for the deepsea or freshwater lover!  (www.fishingenthusiast.com) 

When in doubt a handmade gift & card is one of the BEST gifts a child can give from the heart!

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dad’s out there like mine & my husband! 

Looking for that natural & refreshed look?


Then check out what’s in my makeup bag!

I have mastered how to do makeup in a flash as a mother for the past eleven years! 

Seasonally I go for lessons for new products, as well as how to apply them.  All makeup department stores have a master makeup artist, which makes finding the, “just right” products and colors for you a cinch! 

Sephora, Target and some local drugstores also have beauty specialists too!  ~LOVE this! 

Some products that I use daily are easy to use, and give my tired eyes & face that recharged look in a natural way.

Many women ask me what makeup do I use and there are so many lines, but this month this is what’s in my bag!


Benefit Erase Paste (Amazing coverage for under eyes, melasma, spots & rosacea)

Benefit Fake Up (Moisturizing eye concealer and also can be used under nose for coverage)

Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation (Natural look and the best coverage)

Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer (Amazing pearlised glow which I put on entire face and neck.)

Benefit Lollitint & Chacha tints (Rose and Coral tints that can be used for cheek & lip)

Benefit Waat’s Up (Amazing highlighter I use in corners of my eyes, nose & cheeks)


Giorgio Armani Eye Tint #6

Almay Intense i-color Eyeshadow (Love these for on the go to use for day and night!  Choose the right pallets for your eye color.)

Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Eye Pencil #5

Almay Intense i-color Eyeliners

Benefit Instant Brow (Having a filled in brow opens your eyes, and makes such a difference!)

Almay Makeup Erase Sticks are a must!

Benefit Roller Lash (Bar none best mascara!)

Other eye trick faves…

Laura Mercier Gilded Gold Cavier Stick Eyecolor

Neutrogena Crease Proof Eye Shadow #20 Forever Platinum (I use in corners of my eyes for instant eye brightening!)

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadows

Benefit They’re Real push-up liner

Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter eyeliners in silver, gold & iridescent colors 


MAC Spice Lipliner which can be blended for most lipcolors

MAC Lip color Matte Heroine blended with Matte Pink Plaid

Tom Ford True Coral lip color

Pacifica Color Quench Lip tints

A few others to mention…

Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer sticks

NARS Gloss Gold Digger

Sexy Mother Pucker Baby Doll color

Revlon Color Burst Matte Balm sticks

Sisley Lip twist sticks

Colors for eyes, lips and nails can be fun & trendy, so switch it up and go for consultations.   You might be surprised at which colors you can & can not wear, or are wearing a color that is not right for your coloring.

One of my best tips is to have a day & night makeupbag which makes on-the-go lifestlyes eaiser!

Enjoy what’s in my bag, & hope to see you at my next beauty event in NYC coming this September!

Take it from a Mom Who has a few fab tricks in her bag, enjoy!