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Shop for a cause!


Giving back to others is a passion of mine especilly when children in need are the focus!

This week peitePARADE will be hosting a fabulous pop-up shop for National Foster Care Month!

A pecentage of all proceeds will go to the non-profit, New York Foundling & be sure there will have fun activities for all!

For a list of designers involved, activities, & information, please visit www.nyfoundling.org!

Thank you petitePARADE for making a difference, & can’t wait to shop for a fab cause at the petiteSHOP this week!

Meatless Monday delema?  Problem solved!


Try my, “Pasta For Jolie Soup” (Named after my daughter instead of Fagioli “bean”.)

Meatless Monday can be a challenge for some, but it is actually quite easy!

This soup is a one pot meal, easy to make and as always is, “kid approved”!

You will need the following:

*2 boxes of Organic Free Range Chicken broth OR Vegetable broth

*4 small cans of Organic white beans rinsed & drained OR 2 large cans

*1 large Organic sweet onion chopped finely

*6 Organic garlic cloves minced

*4 tbs. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*1 small box of Organic baby spinach chopped

*10 Organic basil leaves chopped

*1 large can of organic Plum tomatoes drained and chopped into chuncks

*2 tbs. Organic tomato Paste

*1 Parmesan rind

*2 cups of dry Organic pasta

*1/2 cup fresh grated Parmesan cheese

*Sea salt & pepper to taste


1.). In a large soup pot heat on medium heat for a few minutes, then add oil.

2.) Add onions & cook for 6-8 minutes then stirr.  Afterwards add the garlic to the pot and cook for an additional 2 minutes.

3.). Next add the beans, parmasean rind, tomatoes, tomato paste, broth and cook unit it comes to a boil.

4.). Afterwards add pasta and spinach and cook for 10 mintues.  Stir in the basil and parmasean cheese.

5.) Remove the rind & discard. Then ladle 4 cups of soup in a blender or Cuisinart, and add back to pot and stir thoroughly.

Ladle into bowls, & serve with grated fresh mozzarella or additionalparmasean cheese. 

Take it from a Mom who loves making dinner a breeze!  Enjoy!

Is technology & electronics affecting your family?


This morning I watched a video that disturbed me regarding technology.  

It showed families disconnecting and the rise of many issues that go along with it.

We can all be guilty at times, but can work on setting limits.

Some ideas are to set an egg or microwave timer, make a family contract, or get a lockbox so electronics get locked up at a certain time.

Children & teens are connected throughout the day and all hours of the night, which have many negative effects.

Issues with social skills, arguing, families disconnecting, lack of sleep, violent behavior, tantrums, obesity, technology addiction, carpal tunnel syndrome, and the list goes on!

We set rules in our home that work for our familly and a few examples are:

*No electronics in the morning on school days.

*After homework/dinner there is a time limit.

*No electronics at the table.

*If anyone breaks the rules, they loose their electronic for one day or more which is THEIR choice!

It is imperative that we as parents set rules and boundaries because it is shocking what is going on in this world!

Technology is important in our society, but our values are as well!

Take it from a Mom who is trying to not let technology take over our family & you can too! 

Looking for a few fun ideas for April Fool’s Day?


There is nothing more hysterical then to play a few pranks on our children every April 1st!

Tonight I hot glued their spoons to the bottom of their cereal bowls! Lol!

Tomorrow morning I will pour a little cereal and milk and voila instant laugh!

Next I purchased bags of Skittles and emptied them out, then filled them with blueberries for their lunch bags!

For after dinner I made a plate of brown E’s, for dessert.  Simply cut out the letter e’s out of brown construction paper, or color white paper brown.

For a scream from your tween, draw a spider with a black marker on their toilet paper roll.

Pinterest has so many cute ideas, so check put my page “momwhoknows”!  Enjoy!

Take it from a Mom who cant wait until the morning!

Want the inside scoop from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Kids Rock show?


From an exceptional collection of athelic apperal, Nike, Nike SB, Jordan aka Jumpman 23, Levis, to sun & surf Hurley, the Kids Rock show was a hit!

Teen superstar Carly Rose opened up the show, while DJ Kai Song spun both current & old school tunes, making the crowd bounce in their seats!

Fab hypercolors seem to be trending with splashes of fun patterns & funky graphic designs, making these US Brands stand out from the rest!

Love the versility each line offered, as well as being able to, “mix & match”! 

Nike’s hyer colors took to the run way with fun prints and accesories, as did the Nike SB line which made every kid want a skateboard!

The Jordan line is screamed, “basketball” and their athletic sets are sure to please any player.

Classic Converse footwear and apperal with grapic prints & solids are a fun staple in any childs closet!  Who doesnt love Converse footwear?

From land to sea, the Hurley has mastered trendy beach wear for kids!  Adore their graphics and designs making kids look like kids!

Levis ended the show mixing light & dark denium, then showcased denim jeans that feel like sweats!  ~LOVE this!

The true diva of the show was Leah Stills, a cancer survivor who truly put the R in ROCK!

Check out her book at iamleahstrong.com, & keep Leah in your prayers.  She is an inspiration to all!

Take it from a Mom Who had a blast at the Kids Rock show, & thank you to Haddad brands for a fabulous preview!

Want a fun Valentine’s Day gift to make with the kiddies?


Then gather all your broken crayons!

There is nothing more exciting for children then to make a gift for someone.

This activity is so easy that a 2 year old could help!

Heart Crayons
*12 silicone hearts
*Broken crayons
*Parchment paper
*Cookie sheet
*Scented candle

1.) Preheat your oven to 375*, & line the cookie sheet with parchment paper.

2.) Have the children help peel all of the wrappers (discard then) from the crayons and set the crayons aside in a bowl.

* I light a scented candle in the kitchen to cover the strong scent when the crayons are cooking, & when they are removed from the oven.

3.) Next have the kids help break the crayons into small pieces and fill each heart liner halfway.

4.) Place each heart onto the parchment paper lined cookie sheet & bake in the center of the oven for 10 minutes.

5.) Afterwards let cool completely for 30 minutes, then pop out each heart crayon.

(Note, this activity can be done with any silicone muffin shape & makes great gifts!)

Take it from a Mom Who loves making each holiday fun for our kiddies! Enjoy!

Want to know my fave brands for Fall 2015 that were featured at the ENK Trade Show?

Fall 2015 is all about different hues of deep neutrals, greens, blues and purples, teal, dark grey and metallics!

From A-Z loving the following brands…

*Aliva Simone
*Anasai The Little Goods Company
*Andy & Evan
*Aria Children’s Clothing
*Autumn Cashmere
*Blue Pony Vintage
*Bling2O goggles
*Dedo Kids
*Havoc Denim
*Hudson Jeans
*Joes Jeans
*Junk Food Tees
*KanDi Jewlery
*Kapital K
*K Way
*Marin + Morgan
*Melissa shoes
*Milk & Soda accessories
*Mini Rodini
*Monster Coats
*Native Kids shoes
*Naturino shoes
*Oil & Water
*PreFresh tees
*Primigi shoes
*Sierra Julian
*Spunky Stork
*Urban Sunday
*Val Max
*Vierra Rose
*Zara Terez

From fun patterns, fringe, silks, tweeds, velvets, metallics, faux fir, solids & fun accessories, fall fashion is sure to please!

Take it from a Mom Who loved getting a glimpse for fall at ENK, & catching up with a few of my fave designers!