Looking for priceless gifts this holiday season?


Then give the gift of experiences!

There is nothing better than seeing life through your child’s eyes!

Toys and games are fun, but it is the time we spend and new experiences that children remember!

Finding things to do locally or on a family vacation, day trips are some of the best gifts of all!

Some of my favorites are having a tea party at The Plaza Hotel, ice skating in Central Park, making ice cream at Cool Mess, sleeping at The Museum of Natural History, seeing an Imax film at Liberty Science Center, having the kids take a fun cooking class at Bambino Chef, seeing a Broadway show and so much more!

Take it from a Mom who can’t wait for this holiday season!


Looking for a fab Mommy’s night out with a few Bad Moms?


Last night I went to the premiere of, “Bad Moms”  with Mila Kunis-Kutcher and Kathryn Hahn hosted by The Moms in New York City at the AMC theater.

Kidbox and Viva sponsored their fabulous event, and there wasn’t an empty seat in the entire theatre!

Both sets of moms, Melissa & Denise, and Mila & Kathryn shared their takes on motherhood, and justified that bad is the new good!

I won’t give anything away, except the fact that you will laugh uncontrollably!

We as mothers can be extremly hard on ourselves, some of us try too hard to fit in, others put alot of pressure on themselves.  The list is endless of what we push ourselves to do for our children as well as our family!

What works for one child might not work for another.  As one parenting book might have advice that has helped you tremendously, it might not yet apply the same for someone elses family dynamics.

At the end of the day there is NO PERFECT person in this world, nor is there a book or a guru who has motherhood all figured out!

Every child and every parent is unique, so embrace that!  Stop beating yourself down, or pretending to be something that you are not, even doing something that is not right for you.

The fact of the matter is that we are all in this together, and we are all trying our best, and that is simply enough!

We will have glory days and epic fails, days filled with laughter and days filled with tears, but that is the world of motherhood!

Just as we have learned from our mistakes as children, the same applies to adulthood!  When we hit a milestone or acomplisment we jump for joy just as we did as children!

As one of my mantra’s goes… “Been there, done it and now I blog about it!”

Take it from a Mom who is keeping it real, and wants you to do something for yourself, so….

Call an Uber, get a few of your Mommanista’s, pack a flask, get some popcorn, and enjoy one of the funniest movies about motherhood of all time!


Momwhoknows at Pitti Bimbo in Florence, Italy!

In June I had the privilege of attending Pitti Immagine’s Pitti Bimbo 83rd edition in Florence, Italy!

One of the landmarks, Fortezza Da Basso was transformed into the ultimate children’s wear tradeshow I have ever seen! Displays were both indoors and outdoors, and the spaces were each so unique and magical.


The opening ceremony with the CEO of Pitti Immagine, Raffaello Napoleone and PR & Marketing Consultant of Pitti Immagine, Giuliana Parabiago, honoring ten global children’s wear retailers.


Throughout the area the theme for this season was, “Lucky Numbers”, which had a variety of symbolic meanings!

Each line had a number referencing their line in a unique representation.

On Day 1 I attended many fashion shows, as well as previewed many lines both haute couture and luxury brands from Cape, Lamantine Paris & Milan, Miss L. Ray, Pero, Piccola Ludo, Stella Jean, Trottolinie, & Velveteen.


Yclu’s show took their audience through various places in Italy with references to each region through its designs, colors, and decorative fabrics!


Thursday evening was a fashion frenzy from the Monnalisa show at the Palazzo Corsini, where the catwalk show was true haute couture!  Twin Set by Simona Barbieri with a collaboration with VOGUE Bambini had an interactive digital mirror for children trying on outfits digitally, which was out of this world!


Salvatore Ferragamo’s mini collection, Lelly Kelly, and Dolce & Gabanna’s fruit party were all packed beyond belief!


Day 2 was another mind blowing experience at the Il Gufo show!  Jungle sounds filled the air, along with an eco savvy set where models set up three dimensional animals.

Mix and match for both girls and boys in bright colors, apliques, and soft fabrics adorned the catwalk for an eye catching show!


Il Gufo’s showroom was located inside the historical fort, and their display of color stories was truly an experience!

KidzFIZZ was a concept lab set up featuring global lifestyle brands first ever in the architectural space never used before at Pitti!

EcoEthic featured brands that represent green issues using organic or biological materials produced with respect of protecting mankind.

Super Street was a section dedicated to denim focused on juniors and teens!


Miss Grant’s collection for 2017 is both elegant, trendy and exquisite couture for your mini!


Alisha V’s collection is one of the avant guard lines!  This energetic collection for girls is psychedelic meets european chic!


Fun and trendy lines from Patrizia Pepe, Little Elevan, Marcelo Burlan and Pinco Pallino had eye catching apparel!


Desigual’s free standing booth screamed, summer fun, along swimwear from MC2 St. Barth’s for the entire family!

Shoe fun takeover from the brand, Minna Parikka with leather bunny ear, wings and more made me wish they made them all in my size!

I had the pleasure of spending time with the designer of MiMiSol, Imelde Bronzieri, which was an honor!  Her use of colors, prints, accessories and fabrics in complete color stories is amazing!

Velveteen, one of my favorite lines, and the designer of Miss L. Ray London, Natasha Milkovich and I chatted about her line.  Adore her playful and sophisticated clothing for girls!  Piccola Ludo’s girly-girl line of bold and pastel colored clothing, prints was truly adorable!


Couldn’t help but pick up a copy of the July/August issue Vogue Bambini which I am featured in the shopping guide at the Pop Up stand!


Shoe brand Ria, clothing lines like Palm Springs, one of my favorite lines Lamantine Paris & Milan featured delicate and beautiful fabrics, CAPE, hats from Grevi just to name a few from many other countries, had beautiful displays that drew you right in!


Candy colored inspired colthing? Aristocrat Kids has it all!  Designer Dace Zvirbule and I had a fabulous time discussing her vision for her line which was too sweet!


Seventy’s pop art inspired clothing and shoes was truly, eye catching!


Beach anyone? Kiwi Saint Tropez showcased their swimwear to casual line for boys and girls that is sure to please your little  one!


Day 3 I chatted with fellow blogger, Alisha V, then previewed  one of my favorite lines Twin Set Simona Barbieri, Les Coyotes De Paris, Fracomina mini, and another favorite shoe line J Kidz, Nikolia, Marina Military, Manila Grace, Yellow Submarine and Pate de Mitchumm had unique apparel as well.


Little Marc Jacobs movie theater fun theme inspired clothing is truly adorable!  Loving his use of trendy graphics and color solids!


Monnalisa’s timeless line is gorgeous!  From florals to solids and exquisite fabrics to accessories, your mini will adore this collection!


Nanos’ line for girls and boys is one of my favorites!  The detail, color combinations and adorable accessories make this line a, must have!


Fun & Fun designer, Giovanni Catapano and I discussed his inspiration for his Spring/Summer 2017 line.  His trendy, “sporty-street style”, combination of prints and graphics, bold colors scream, FUN for sure!


Billy Blush for girls, and Billy Bandit for boys is a fun and casual line for your little fashionista, using adorable color trends in this mix and match collection!


Carrement Beau takes your little fashionista in and out of the water in beautiful color stories!  Z & W city chic trendy line is perfect for your little rock star!


Pitti Bimbo display of bikes, fun accessories, as well as contemorary and eco friendly furniture for children were displayed in the lifestyle section of the fair.  The iconic book character, Miffy was apart of a project of the 83rd edition of Pitti Bimbo.  Collaborations with children’s fashion houses Ermanno Scervino Junior, Iceberg, Il Gufo, La Stupenderia, MiMiSol, No21, Sarabanda and Twin Set designed an outfit for Miffy, as well as adorable t-shirts and matching plush dolls which a portion of the proceeds are going to a children’s chairty, OXFAM.


Fun Glasses Pop Up Store eyewear for kids focused in the world of color, and fun materials making eyewear, “cool” to wear!

Brands from Carrera, Kids by Safilo, Polaroid, The Simpsons, and my faves Zoobug and Miraflex displayed a hands on pop up.


Sports Generation focused on a 360* concept which included travel accessories, beach attire and school bags with a number of brands.

There were so many other brands that showed at Pitti which were just as amazing as the lines I highlighted.

For more information go to www.pittimmagine.com


Pitti Bimbo is a life changing experience in the children’s wear industry, focusing on every detail using all five senses.

Brands get to showcase their collections in such a unique and creative way which is exceptional!

In the past several years I have covered countless fairs and shows in the United Staes, and am blown away at my treasured experience at Pitti Bimbo in Florence!

I will certainly go back next year, and can promise you that Summer 2017 in children’s wear will be a kaleidoscope  of colors, prints and materials that meets the eye!

Take it from a Mom who’s passion is fashion!






Looking for a fab craft to do with the kiddies on a cloudy day this summer!


Then head to Michael’s, Walmart or Target!

Every summer I love doing fun crafts with the kids that they appreciate & enjoy making!

When children make/create something they are so proud of their accomplishments!

If you have a child who favors a particular article of clothing, by making one themselves you could get them to wear something else!

Also after a day outside in the heat, at the beach/pool, finding crafts are a great way to wind down and chill out!

“Momwhoknows Puffy Paint Clothing”


*Tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, jeans, socks, white Keds or Vans sneakers


*1-2 3D-Puffy Paint Set


1.) Cover the entire table with newspaper or a plastic throwaway tablecloth.

2.) Stuff each clothing item with newspaper to prevent the paint bleeding through.

3.) Have each child design their items and lay flat to dry for 2 days.

Crafts such as these are fun for children as early as age 2-adult!


Take it from a Mom who loves sparking creativity in children!

Momwhoknows Meatless Avocado Pesto White Bean Portobella Mushrooms


I am always looking to be innovative & creative with meatless meals.

Last night I created a, “Wow factor” recipie which I just had to share!

Momwhoknows Meatless Avocado Pesto White Bean Portobello Mushrooms


*4 large organic portobello mushrooms

*1 ripe organic avocado

*1 clove of garlic

*1 cup of organic basil

*1 cup of organic raw spinach

*1 can/box of organic white beans rinsed and drained

*4 tbs. of grated Parmasean cheese

*Extra virgin olive oil

*Himalayan salt & pepper

*1/3 cup of water


*Preheat the broiler on low in the oven, & heat the BBQ on a medium flame.

1.) Scoop out all the insides & stems of each portobello mushroom and discard.

2.) Brush each mushroom on both sides with olive oil.

3.) Next in a food processor add the garlic & pulse.  Afterwards add the avocado, basil & spinach and make into a paste consistency.  Scrape the sides of the processor, add the water to thin out, then salt & pepper to taste.

4.) Grill the mushrooms and spoon the avocado basil pesto mixture evently on all 4 mushrooms.

5.) Add 1/4 cup of white beans on top of each mushroom, & 1 tbs. of grated cheese & broil until melted.

Serve and enjoy!

*Note: The avacado pesto can be used on pasta, spiralized zucchini, or spaghetti squash too!

Take it from a Mom who loves creating delicious & healthy meals!






Want to know what is in my beach bag this summer!


I am a woman with everything under the sun in my bag always!

People are amazed at the things that I carry, so I wanted to share them with you!

Loving my Henri Bendel bag with an interior pouch great for keys, ID, phone and lipstick.

My faves:

*Wet Brush

*SoCozy Detangler

*Goomee hair bands

*DVF studded sunnies

*Eos Spf 15 lemon lip balm

*Lululemon hat

*Leopard Towel

*Target Up Antibacterial Wipes

*Johnson & Johnson mini First Aid kit

*Honest Bug Spray

*Similasan Eye drops (for sunscreen & salt water eye irritation)

*Swimmer’s Ear drops

*Jellyfish Squish (amazing spray for jellyfish stings)

*Hint Watermelon Water

*Skinny Pop

*Sharpie marker (used for labeling drinks & pool/beach toys)

*Sand mit or baby powder (to remove sand easily)

*Large ziplock (for wet clothes)

*Hand sanitizer

*A small toy/snack to get the kiddies to leave the pool/beach without an argument (I hand this to them when we are packing up to leave)

*Garbage bag (to keep our trash from getting into the water)

Of course I carry sunscreen SolRx, as well as a light sweatshirt if the beach or pool gets chilly.

Whether it be at the pool or the beach, having it all in your beach bag makes life easier for sure!

Take it from a Mom who has it covered this summer, enjoy!

Looking to get the entire family moving?


Then head to www.fitbit.com!

This Spring our entire family invested in Fitbit’s to have a health challenge!

At the end of each day we tally who has the most steps, miles and what activities we did for the day.

I am amazed how everyone is inspiring one another to get moving, which is so worth the investment!

Speaking for myself on the road to a better me, having such support pushes me each day toward my 10,000 step goal!

With the rise of obesity and health issues in this world, Fitbit’s are a great start to promoting exercise and getting your family moving!

There are many different varieties and features of Fitbit’s to meet your personal needs, as well as cool colors too!

Tracking sleep patterns, heart rate, steps, miles, etc. are an asset to seeing progress, & you too will be hooked!

Take it from a Mom who is halfway at her goal for the day, taking it one step at a time!


What to get mom you ask?


*What mother wouln’t love a blue box/bag from Tiffany!

From jewlery, wallets, sunglasses & more, this store has classic gifts for mom!


*For the trendsetter mom Balenciaga Arena two row bracelet at Barney’s will adorn her wrist this Spring!


*Does Mommy like cupcakes?  Then Baked by Melissa  minis gift box will do the trick!


*For the mother who collects red soles, Christian Louboutin’s new spring line has it all!  From flats to stilettos, Mom will be head over heals with a pair!



*Summer is right around the corner, & Henri Bendel’s travel beach & tote scream, “Beach Glam!”


*Sunglasses are a bright gift for mom especially, So Real Mirrored sunglasses by Dior!


*What mother doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Sugarfina takes it to a different level!  From champagne flavored gummy bears, so lips, flowers & more, Mom will get her sugar fix for sure!

*Initial charms of children’s names are always adorable, especially designed by Helen Ficalora!



*For the health consious mother, Williams Sonoma carries the Paderno 4 blade spirilizer which is amazing!  Vegetables will never be the same!


*Alexandra Ferguson’s Best Mother Ever pillow is a sure bet for any family room!



*Fitbit make over by the one and only Tory Burch!  Her double wrap bracelet fits most Fitbit bars, & will secretly hide her steps each day!



*One of the greatest gifts are gift cards for take out in this adorable Take Out Menu binder from Amazon!


*Looking to charm Mom, then Alex & Ani’s Mother’s Day collections are perfect!




*Radiant skin in a jar is no other than La Mer!  With a variety of different formulas, it is one of the best for hydrating skin!



*Kendra Scott’s Danielle collection comes in a variety of different colors which are a fun gift for mom!



*When in doubt, spa gift card is a plus!  Bliss can take mom to a different relaxation zone!   Whether it be for a single or variety of services, a day for Mom to recharge is priceless!



*Nothing smells more fragrant non other than Diptique candles!



*Go to makeup products or a Gift card Benefit Cosmetics for sure!



*How about a fun head scarf for the beach by Henri Bendel?


*What mother wouldn’t love a blow out?  The Dry Bar has single or a package of blowouts which will please Mom for sure!


*Does mom have a beauty nighttime ritual?  Then Sara Happs lip scrubs will be a sure hit!



*For the hipster mom, Fenty by Rihanna for Puma slides will be her fave!


*Does Mommy have a mini who loves to wear what Mommy does?  Then Gorjana Mini & Me bracelets are the perfect gift!


Whether handmade or store bought,  Mom’s will adore the just right gift for her!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!

Happy Mother’s Day ladies!

Do you know what your children are up to, or can see on social media?


In the world of iPads, Smart and iPhones children are handed devices and more than you know comes with it!

It starts with fun apps, movies, then moves on to much more than most parents are aware of.

I just read, “American Girls“, by Nancy Jo Sales, which is a MUST read for all parents with children in middle/high school or college.

It cracks the silent code as to what is going on in the United States & the world with tweens/teens on social media which is truly mind blowing!

From bullying, body shaming, explicit photos & videos, internet surfing, the rise of STD’s, rape, online predators, sexting, dangers with some apps, pornographic videos all of which children can gain access to in a snap!

Below are just a few of the most popular apps that tweens/teens are using.

The A B C’s of the App World:

Ask.fm is one of the most popular sites used by children.  It allows users to anonymously ask questions consequence-free forum.

Blendr is an app that uses GPS to meet people. This app is used to flirt, send messages and videos. Users rate the others uses on a scale of their hotness.

The Down app is used in a way connecting Facebook friends and indicate if they want to hook up or hang out with someone.

Kik Messenger has over 100 million users on this app.  Exchanges of pictures, drawings, YouTube videos can be sent to users.  Sexting is done also on this app through having a, “Kik buddy”.  There are no parental controls on this app, and classified ads are done through giving out Kik usernames.

Apps like Snapchat (Allows a user to send videos and photos on his/her list of friends. The sender determines how long the image can be seen, then it destructs. This app is most used for sexting by teens because they think it is a safe bet no one will know.

What children/parents don’t realize is that the image can be screen shot then passed on by friends, as well as on porn sites for revenge like, Snap Porn!

Tinder is an app used for dating or, “hooking up”.  Through GPS users can search and see unlimited profiles from minors to adults.

This app pulls information from Facebook profiles.

Yik Yak is an app that allows users to post texts up to a certain number of characters.  Messages can be viewed by fellow Yakkers through GPS which is startling!

Although posts are anonymous, children can start to reveal personal information to complete strangers!

Whisper is an app that is used anonymously to confess thoughts or feelings.

Again through GPS users can communicate with people in their area.

What information I thought I knew to look out for in the years to come I was clueless to what is out there for kids/teens!

Social media does not come with a parenting guide, so my advise is as follows…

*Be aware of what apps your children have.

*Have continuing conversations about what they are doing on social media.  Discuss what is appopraite and not okay to post.

*Teach them online safety, versus lecturing.

*Have rules for example:

*Never post anything you do not want the world to see (bullying, inapporate photos/language).

Never give your full name, address, cell/home phone numbers

Never arrange face-to-face meetings

Never upload/post personal pictures of yourself

*Maintain access to your children’s online accounts, and randomly ask to see his/her devices.

*Set up a parenting contract and establish rules/consequences together.

*No devices in bedrooms!  Have a common area your children can ise their devices.

*Have a check out/check in for all devices.

There are countless parents I mentor and am friendly with who complain of their childrens sleeping habits, as well as that they cant get their kids off their devices.

If you set a time in the am/pm it will solve most issues!

They are children and NOT the parent!  It is easy to hand a device and the room is silent.  However as parents it is our job to set boundaries, and follow through with them.

The world is changing so fast, and we need to educate ourselves, as well as our children of the online world.

One of my favorite teachable moments I did in a workshop in one middle school was to give every student a piece of paper, Sharpie marker and an eraser.

I asked each student to write his/her most personal secret that they would NEVER share with everyone.

I then collected the Sharpie’s and asked them to erase what they just wrote.

The room was silent, and I think they understood that what your post can not be erased forever!

Friends can screenshot and share posts/photos and NOTHING is guaranteed that no one else can see!  Emails that are trashed aren’t really trashed!

This post is one I wish that you will share on all social media to educate other parents of what is going on in today’s world.

Take it from a Mom who wants to thank Nancy Jo Sales for shedding light onto what is happening in the social media world!