Rain rain go away! Cool rain boots for Moms!

Aside from the trendy Hunter Welly boots, I saw these adorable rain boots designed by Chanel which are over the top expensive, and stumbled upon the closest copy, designed by Kate Spade, in Bloomingdales.

The style name is, “Randi”, and they have a small wedge which is nice, colors “Lipstick Pink  with a black bow, and Rubber Black with a black bow” found at Zappos.com & “White with a black bow, or Black with a red bow” found at Bloomingdales.  They list for $125 versus $500 from Chanel!

Most rain boots are too flat, and after a day are uncomfortable I think!  Check them out!



Create unique T-shirt’s, Hoodies, etc for kids & adults too!

When in the city last year I saw these children with the cutest tank tops and had to stop their parents to inquire.  They told me they created them online at, “Neighborhoodies”.  It is a cool site to check out and create your own custom tank, t-shirt, hoodies, bibs, etc.

Go to www.neighborhoodies.com to view a variety of items from babies to adults.

A few ideas you could make hoodies for Father’s Day “Big Man” and “Little Man”, Mother’s Day “Queen Mother” “Queen in training”, “Chick Magnet”, “Drama Queen”, customized birthday shirts, gag gifts, or create your own neighborhoodie.

Have fun & enjoy!


Cool blocks for babies & kids, that talk!

I was on a website looking for a gift and saw these blocks called, “Smarcks Smart Blocks”.  They are for ages 1+ and have ABC, Shape & Counting box, Nursery Rhyme Blocks, Music and Dancing Lights blocks, Math Blocks, as well as a variety of colored sets.

Go to www.talkingbuildingblocks.com/products, or Google Smarcks Smart Blocks.

FYI they won the Dr. Toy Award, and watch the clip on their website, for they are really cool for babies & kids!



Smart Water a lifesaver!

Now that I experienced nursing my son back to life from a 24 hour stomach virus, I swear by Smart Water!  Pedialyte tastes awful, and most children despise it too.  I gave it to him every half our just a few sips, and what a lifesaver it was!  I continued it for two days after to make sure that he was hydrated and POOF, back to normal! LOl!

Smart Water is not only great as an aid for stomach bugs, but it is wonderful in hot weather or to drink after the gym or playing sports!  All of those beverages like Gatorade, and gimmick waters are full of chemicals, artificial flavors, or loaded with high amounts of sodium and sugar, unwanted calories, all in all, NOT good for you!

Costco & BJ’s sell it in bulk at a lower price, for it is more expensive than bottled water.  Stop & Shop, or check your local supermarket have their own generic brand of Electrolyte Water, so stock up!

Another tip, purchase the large bottles, and fill up a reusable water bottle to take for those on the go!



Where to find great prices on arts & craft supplies…

Now that winter is around for a few more weeks, and it is too cold to go out to play, doing arts & crafts is the way to go!

While in a mommy & me art class, my daughters teacher introduced me to Discountschoolsupply.com.  Is a great website that had unbelievable prices on arts and craft supplies, so check it out!  They have such different and unique items like foam watercolor paint, crayon flowers, manipulatives, dramatic play, furniture, etc.



Where can I find great deals for kids clothing, places to go, etc.? Well, here’s the scoop…

For those of you who know me, I LOVE to share great ideas, and pass along great things too!  Check out these amazing sites for daily deals of the day, and great discounts on restaurants, services, etc.!

Gaggleofchicks.com features daily alerts of sales.

Suburbanmomma.com features coupons for restaurants or activities.

Groupon.com features sales from your area, for just about everything!

Zulily.com tips on where sample sales are for kids and moms too!

8moms.com features sales that are available for a short about of time.

Guiltgroup.com features high-end clothing, home accessories, etc. at a great price, also for a short amount of time.

Juicyinthecity.com features daily offers.

Gonjcoupons.com features printable coupons for the New Jersey area.

Livingsocial.com features a 24 hour time limit and great deals on services.

Dailydeal.com features discounts in the New Jersey area.

Rulala.com features clothing for the entire family also at great prices, for a short amount of time.

Doodledeals.com features deal of the day coupons from local businesses.



How do you cook dinner & keep the kids busy?

I have a few great suggestions that have worked for me for the past seven years.

Birth-non crawling:

*Put the baby in a bouncy seat, baby swing, or car seat for some, so that he/she can watch you, and talk to them while you are cooking.  It sounds crazy, but this is a teaching time for you and your child, for they are learning sounds/words which will pay off when they start talking.

Babies who are sitting up/crawling:

*Sit your child in a high chair where they can see you, and give them a few measuring cups or plastic bowls to play with.  I am always reluctant to spoons, for they can choke or gag themselves which is scary for both you and your child.

*Also there are great suction cup toys and bowls by, “Sassy” (found in Target, Babies R Us,Buy Buy Baby, or any baby specialty store) that stick right onto a surface.

*Links from a baby play mat are great as well!

*Cherrios, or Puff snacks in bowls/cups keep the baby busy too.

*For those who are crawling, I always keep a drawer and a cabinet where my children loved to explore.  They were filled with their bowls, my Tupperware, or any kitchen items that are not dangerous.  (All my cabinets and drawers either have locks, or pull down locks to prevent dangerous accidents or messes stop right in their tracks. 🙂

Children ages 2 and up:

* While cooking I give my children the scraps from the vegetable, with a cutting board and a plastic cabbage/salad knife (totally safe and found at Bed Bath & Beyond).  They chop away and have a ball!

Give your child a smock, then pull up a chair and turn it backwards near the sink where you are prepping/cooking your meal, and let them wash vegetables, or scraps in the sink and watch the smiles on their faces!

Children love to explore and watch their parents, so enjoy these fun tips!


Skype or not to Skype?

We just set up a Skype account a few weeks ago which was sooooo much fun for our family!  We had our children talk to relatives in Florida, grandparents, as well a neighborhood friends.  It was easy to set up (my husband said, lol for I am not too technical), and a great way to talk to friends and family.

For example, when my son lost his tooth, he was able to show his grandmother which one, as well as what the tooth fairy left him.  The look on their faces was priceless, and we decided to do this more frequently.

Skype is a great tool, and one to check out!  So I say, “Yes to Skype!’



Fun way to make sandwiches inticing!

Sushi Roll Sandwich

I saw this in a magazine last year where you take two pieces of sandwich bread (whole-wheat preferably) and have the kids gently roll a rolling-pin to flatten each piece out to create sushi roll appearance (or do it yourself).  Afterwards, cut off the crust of each slice and set aside.

Then, add toppings on top of each slice, and roll into a log.

Next, slice into 4 parts, and do the same for the other slice of bread.

Kids love it, they become bite size pieces, and it is a fun way to eat a sandwich in a different way!

(Note: most children do not like the flatbread taste I have found, that is why this will work best.)