Organize kids arts & crafts in a snap!

Two years ago my mother-in-law took all of our many arts and crafts supplies and organized them in the BEST way possible!  She purchased a mesh pocket 12 pair shoe organizer for my hallway closet.  They sell them in clear plastic and white mesh at Bed Bath & Beyond, for under $20.

What is great is that I put the items that the children can get on their own on the bottom, and things like glue or scissors way up top.  Also I have paint, paintbrushes, stickers, markers, colored pencils, glitter, play dough, flash cards, glue gun, Wikki sticks, bead, foam art, pencils, pencil sharpener, tape, a stapler, and so much more in ziplocks so that the kids can see them.  It has saved so much space, as well as is a great way for kids to know where there things are in an organized way.



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