Mess free arts & crafts, or eating sound good?

As you can see I am the queen of cool new products, lol! I found these great mats, which come in a set of 4, in primary colors for $13, called “Luv That Tray”.  They are FDA safety approved & are dishwasher safe, for easy clean up!

What I like is that they are great for playdates, sand, beading, glitter, coloring, Playdoh, painting, cooking crafts, or even eating!

The company is Argee, and they can be found at, and type in Luv That Tray if you do not see the icon on their site. (Watch their demo online, for all of its uses.)



Want to keep food off your floor while you dine with your baby/toddler?

OMG! A friend of mine introduced me to this FABULOUS product for infants/toddlers called, “Neatnik Saucer”.  This chair covering opens up into a saucer around your childs high chair or seat, and creates a barrier so that food/toys don’t end up all over the floor.  It comes in a portable pouch, as well as has clips for toys, pacifiers, etc. (My daughter up until 3 used a fabric liner, so it is great for toddlers as well, & it probably could go in a shopping cart I would think!)

I love, love, love this product & it makes a great too as well!

Go to to watch the demo!



Best website to shop for baby-children’s everyday items!

If you haven’t ever been to website, then take a peek!  I still use it to purchase toiletries, snacks, and gifts too!

They ship free for orders $50 and over, they take coupons, and have expanded their site which is wonderful!  By the time you go to Babies R Us or Target with 1 or more children it can get crazy, so this way it is stress free shopping, lol!

Go to to simplify your life!



Adorable chart to teach your children the days of the week, weather, & more!

A great gift my friend gave my son was from the Leaps & Bounds catalogue called. “My First Daily Planner”.  It is a fabric embroidered planner to hang with velcro pieces.

From the time my son was in nursery school, and to this day in first grade, we go over the days of the week, month, year, and weather which he still loves. ( I have it hung in the kitchen window where he and my daughter can both enjoy it.)

This is a great way to have teachable moments, for you could say, “If yesterday was Monday, what is today?”, as well as discuss the weather, and what their schedule for the day will be, etc.

Children desire a routine, and it helps to unlock the mystery of the day, & can prevent a few meltdowns, lol!



Hot new scooter craze!

Last summer in NYC I saw these cool scooters driven by both adults & children called, “Xootr”.  They seem to be the Bently of scooters, lol!

On a serious note, the design is amazing, and the base is much wider than any scooter I’ve ever seen.  Adults have kids ride in the front and them behind, which is a quick way to get around.  (Two weeks ago they were featured in the New York Post, as well as many tabloid magazines with celebrities & their children.)

(A friend of mine who has two of them, says it is worth it to get the package deal with the strap and case for traveling.)

Go to to check them out.



How to dye eggs without staining your hands!

For the past few years I have learned many things through trial and error.  Dying eggs is so much fun, yet it is so hard to get the dye off of everyone’s hands right?

I purchased small disposable gloves in the supermarket, and the kids love wearing them, pretending they are scientists seeing what colors the eggs will turn!

Also laying newspaper, and taping it down to the table helps with a quick clean up too, which is key.



Cutest Easter/Spring centerpiece for kids to make!

On the “Today Show” on Ch 4 New York this morning, they featured adorable things for kids to make for Easter/Spring.  I am taking one idea to a different level.

You will need 1 terracotta flower-pot preferably (or a plastic pot),  pack of wooden skewers, edible grass in green, or cellophane grass in green, 2-3 bags of jelly beans (depending on the size pot you get), Peep bunnies & chicks in orange, pink, blue, green, yellow, (or just the colors your kids like), 1 piece of decorative ribbon & 2 pieces of tape.

Easter/Spring Flower Pot Centerpieces:

1.) Tape the hole on the bottom of the flower-pot, then have the children fill the pot with jellybeans.

2.) Next have the kids gently push the pointy side of the skewer through the body of the bunnies & chicks.

3.) As they finish each one, have them stick them in the pot.

4.) For the finishing touch, have the children add the edible grass.

5.) Tie the ribbon at the middle of the pot, and what an adorable centerpiece for the kids table, or a dessert table.



Want to test the coffee/tea you are drinking is really decaf?

A few of the girls were out to dinner discussing how caffeine affects everyone.  I told them I saw an advertisement for this product called, “D + Caf” testing strips. It is great for people who are caffeine sensitive, and women who are pregnant or are nursing.  It looks like a litmus testing strip that you dip into a cup of coffee or tea, to determine if it contains caffeine or not. (This product was featured on the Today Show, Regis & Kelly, and many other shows in a positive manner.

They have a toll-free # 1-888-438-1942 to order, or inquire.



Best way to watch your kids in the next room without even being there!

As a mother of two, I saved a few items, one being my video baby monitor.  What I have done is set it up in the playroom where the kids can’t reach it, and instantly it is another set of eyes in the room!

For those of you who either have gotten rid of your baby gear, or do not have a video monitor, you can either do 3 things, purchase an inexpensive one, get one at a children’s consignment shop, or on Craigslist. (Just a thought!)

They sell very expensive ones, as well as have services that come to your home to set up such devices, but this is the most cost-effective and useful tool ever!  To see your child’s face when you tell them NOT to do somethings is like playing the Wizard of Oz and is so funny. (After a few interruptions things tend to diminish, like a Super Nanny episode.)

On a serious note, it is very helpful, and is a great way to cook dinner, or do something around the house, or monitor the interaction of a babysitter and your child.

Enjoy the tip!


Best makeup remover, oldie but goodie!

I have purchased expensive and non-expensive makeup removers for years, and one of the best ones is good old-fashioned, “Ponds Cold Cream”.  I love the green top jar, but they make it in unscented as well.

A friend of mine who is a makeup artist swears by this product, for it leaves your skin moisturized after each use.  Another great things is that it comes in a variety of size jars, large and small for traveling which I think is great too.