Adorable chart to teach your children the days of the week, weather, & more!

A great gift my friend gave my son was from the Leaps & Bounds catalogue called. “My First Daily Planner”.  It is a fabric embroidered planner to hang with velcro pieces.

From the time my son was in nursery school, and to this day in first grade, we go over the days of the week, month, year, and weather which he still loves. ( I have it hung in the kitchen window where he and my daughter can both enjoy it.)

This is a great way to have teachable moments, for you could say, “If yesterday was Monday, what is today?”, as well as discuss the weather, and what their schedule for the day will be, etc.

Children desire a routine, and it helps to unlock the mystery of the day, & can prevent a few meltdowns, lol!



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