The new brain development series flash cards for infant to age 5!

I came across an article about, “Smart Cards” to promote brian development in children from birth to age five (the most crucial time for when brain development occurs).

Each flip card set has 40 educational activities, as well as great techniques for your child.  They sell them individually or in sets, and it also comes in Spanish.

As a former educator, I can honestly say that learning from the world around you is what makes a child thrive.

Go to to preview this pick!



Great snack bowl for toddlers & kids that doesn’t tip!

I saw a mother getting her children out of their car with these cool bowls and had to inquire where she purchased them.  She told me that she ordered them from a TV ad called, “Gyrobowl”.

I went on their website, to view the video clip, and just love this product!  It is BPA free and will be great for trip in the car, as well as for snacks in the house, or on the go!  Also it is not just for babies, I am getting them for the car for my 3 and 7-year-old, who tend to drop many things, lol!

(They are $14.99 for two from their website, and watch the video clip to preview.)

Check it out!



Great indoor activity to keep kids busy this summer!

While shopping in Rite Aid, I discovered this company called, “Out of a Box Creations”, which make a cardboard replica of a castle, pirate ship, doll house, and a carriage.  They range in price on sale in the store only for $19.99, or online up to $34.99 (If u purchase 2 online, you can save $5).

It is a great indoor or rainy day project, which will certainly keep the kids busy!  It comes with a few markers, and it makes a great gift as well!

Go to the store or purchase online at and go to the toy section.

LOVE THIS!  It promotes creativity, roleplaying, and letting your kids have fun!

A few ideas…

I would take this to a BBQ for it would keep the kids busy in the backyard, give it as a gift, a rainy/sick day activity, put out for a large playdate.

(I have seen these in toyshops for over $60, so this is the best price for this type of product I think.)



Great day trip for kids!

Local Farmers Markets are a great way for children to learn about produce, sample some tasty treats, and use all of the their senses!  Some are open during the week, but most are on the weekends.

I love supporting local & Organic farmers, and I feel their items last a bit longer and just taste so darn good! Lol!

There is a great website for a nationwide directory to choose from.

In Hoboken, New Jersey they usually have two locations, and there is so much to see there as well!

A fun activity I used to do with my class, is for the children to draw about all of the things that they have never seen before, and compare/contrast each stand.  Also if your child is learning about currency, it is a great way for them to practice!



Have fun this summer with water balloons, great product invented by a child!

I was in a toy shop, where my son ran to this balloon pump and immediately took out his allowance and said, “Mommy this is what I would like to buy!”, so I know it would be a hit!

It is called, “Pumponator”, and is an air pump that can fill small balloons, or fill the bottle with water to make water balloons.  It comes with 500 Biodegradable water balloons, and comes in cool colors like camouflage, red, pink, purple, and sells for $19.95.

What I like is that children can do this themselves, which is important, and makes them feel good too!

Go go to order direct, & they also sell a refill pack of balloons for $5.99, as well as party balloons for $9.99.

Makes a great gift, and will be a lot of fun this summer, for it is portable for the beach & park too!  It is great for adults too, lol! Who doesn’t like a water balloon fight right? Lol!



Beach must haves!

My must have’s for the beach…

A cooler packed with Smartwater, fruit, prepackaged snacks, & sandwiches

Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set, Seaside Moulding Set, Seaside Cupcake Set, Seaside Sandcookie set, Sand buckets, shovels, sifter for the sand, plastic boats, plastic trucks

Life vest or floating devices

Skimboard or Boggie board

Natural bug repallant

Change of clothes for the kids, so it keeps the seats dry in the car.

Baby powder to take the sand off your feet, before getting in the car (Great tip my mother in law taught me!)

Antibacterial wipes & hand sanitizer

Solrx suntan lotion

Hooded robes for the kids

Neat sheet for the kids to play under the umbrella

Umbrella & Chairs

Beach cart to put all your gear

Jellyfish Squish by to help reduce jellyfish stings

Enjoy & Happy Summer!


Want great cupcakes or a decorative cake?

OMG a year ago I went into this bakery called, “The Cake Artist” in Staten Island and almost purchased every cupcake!

Today on a great deal is featured $75.00 worth of baked goods is being sold for $37.00!

The bakery is located at 1098 Forest Avenue Staten Island, NY (718) 981-2552.

Vinny the owner, is so talented, as well as makes picturesque cakes as well! I am a cupcake snob, and all I can say is that the frosting on the cupcakes is like whipped air and is Devine!

Go to to view such great works of art!



Father’s Day ideas…

A few things to do for today for Dad:

Have the children assist making breakfast (Ideas: pancakes with warm syrup, french toast, bacon & eggs, bagels with flavored cream cheese, omelette, fruit salad, etc.)

Children LOVE to help, just ask!  They can help set the table and let them do it their way which is adorable!

Another cute idea for the day is to have your child ask Dad a few questions they you or they can write on slips of paper, and put it in a coffee cup or bowl.  It is a great way for your child to learn more about their Dad.

It could be questions like, “What did you used to do for fun when you were a little boy?  Who was your best friend?  What’s the funniest thing that ever happen to you?  What is your favorite color?  Who was your favorite teacher? If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?, etc.”

This can be done with all the men who you will be spending the day with as well.

Enjoy, & Happy Father’s Day!


Great travel games!

Now that summer is here and the kids will be off there are a few travel games I found!

Melissa & Doug have a great games like, “Flip to win Hangman, Flip to win memory game (my 3-year-old loves this, as does my seven-year old!) Travel Bingo, Bear Hunt, & USA Licence Plate game”.

It gives the kids something to do, especially sitting in traffic, on a plane, or while in a restaurant… love them all!

Go to www.melissaand to view their amazing website!



Want to help save a life?

I saw this great company who sells t-shirts for children orphaned in Africa and infected by AIDS called, “This Shirt Saved A Life”.  It is made with organic cotton, sells for $30 & is made by Tiny Revolutionary.

Their website has many other unique graphic t-shirts with great sayings like Recycling, Peace Love Haiti, I’ll Change The World Someday, Be Kind, Peace Sign, This Shirt Saved A Life, and so many other great shirts.-LOVE THEM ALL!

It is a great way to talk to your child about helping others less fortunate, as well as advertise to spread the word!

What better way to support a great cause for children & the environment right?

Go to to view all of their great t-shirt’s for infants to adults!

Enjoy, and help save a life!