Adorable bedtime books…

I recently purchased the book entitled, “Maybe I’ll Sleep in the Bathtub Tonight” written by Debbie Levy, and illustrated by Stephanie Buscema.

It is a collection of bedtime poems for children Grades 1-4, which are very whimsical, as well as cute!  As children get older, most bedtime genre stories are too young for them, but this is perfect for a child 6 and up.

Another favorite is, “The Napping House” written by Audrey Wood, and illustrated by Don Wood.

It is a repetitive story where everyone is sleeping, and soon they are awakened one by one, it is hilarious. I have read it to both my children at age 1, and continue to read it, LOVE IT!

(I find that my children want to go to bed as soon as I tell them a particular book we will be reading, hey whatever works right? LOL!)



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