How do you get your child to sleep earlier, easy…

Now that summer is almost over, and school is around the corner, betimes will change. I found that starting two weeks before school is the trick. Start in 15 minute increments, and increase each day until the desired time you want your children to go to bed.

Also I found this adorable sleep clock called, “My Tot Clock” It is a nightlight, plays bedtime stories & lullabies, is alarm clock, and is an activity & timeout timer too!

Go to to view details.

Also another clock I found is called, “Ok to Wake!” (comes in green & pink) found at

I find that including your children in the process promotes a positive outcome. You could take them to Target, or order it with them online, which they get excited that they are getting to be a, “Big Girl/Boy”.



Great lunch storage products!

A few years ago when my son started Kindergarten, his school asked if parents could pack lunch in containers, versus using plastic wrap, paper, ziplocks, etc.

I have to say it makes it easier, and he loved choosing the containers as well! (Look for BPA free products ONLY!!!!)

The following companies have great products…

Laptop Lunches:

Bento Mealtime Kit:
Bento Buddies:

Pottery Barn Kids:

Bynto Kit:

Another GREAT company is called, “Fit Fresh” which has reusable ice packs for their kits, LOVE it!
Go to to view all of their products!

One MUST of a lunch bag for the warm weather is called, “Pack It”! I know it seems silly to have two lunch bags, but this was great for Spring/Summer keeping everything cold for up to 10 hours!!!!

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Two summer daytrip MUSTS!

If you haven’t been already, you must take your children to the, “Atlantis Aquarium” in Riverhead, Long Island. It is rated the top 10 aquariums from Parent Magazine, and is so worth the drive.

I suggest getting there when it opens, for there is so much to do indoors & out.

Check out their website at, for it is absolutely AMAZING!

The second place is called, “Splish Splash” Water park, also in Long Island.

Go to to check out the attractions & information.

Enjoy, almost three weeks to back to school! 🙂


Make shopping easier just one click away…

I recently visited a close friend of mine who just had a baby, to help her organize her home. One of my tips is to set up a account ASAP.

I have ordered from this company for the past four years and it is must! Birth to children age 8, they have EVERYTHING! Diapers, snacks, formula, clothing, toys, etc… and the best thing is that shipping is FREE for orders $50 & over!

It saves a trip to Baby’s R Us, Target, the supermarket, etc., saves on gas and makes shopping STRESS-FREE! Orders ship within 2 days, you can use coupons, and they always feature a special for first time orders $10 off Code SERFIVE & $5 off each case of diapers. (I instructed my friend to buy a few cases, for they feature the XL cases, & it is $5 off each case!)

My children are almost 4 and 7 1/2 and I still place orders here and there, for it is just a point & click away!



Great, “Push Pops” and they are delicious!

I saw these kids eating these cool push pops, and had to inquire where they got them. Their mother told me Oprah featured them in her magazine, so I checked them out, and they are delish!

Check out, “Jolly Llamma’s Sorbet Sqeezeups” at to order, and type in the Code Oprah for a discount.

They come in Banana Coconut, Peach, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, & Mango sorbet.

FYI the Foodzie website has amazing & unqiue gourmet products, which I highly recommend.



Halloween in August… hugh?

All of my friends laugh, for I always order my Halloween costumes in August, for when school begins, the sizes, seem to have vanished!

I feel now is the best time, for websites and some stores are full with merchandise, so there is no disappointing your kids!

Some great sites are:



Do babies need shoes, NO but instead adorable socks do the trick!

For my fist child I had shoes to match almost every outfit, and learned quickly what a waste it truly was.

Then I discovered a company called, “Trumpette” which I love, for they truly have a great product! Socks and tights that looks like shoes, for boys & girls, love them!

They come in a variety of colors & designs, and are a must have if your child is 0-24 months. I like to give the sock boxes as birthday gifts, or for welcoming a friends baby into the world too. 🙂

Check out their website to view all of their unique & cool products.



Want to teach your children to how to relax?

I found this great tool for kids to unwind at the end of the day by Lazy Lizard Yoga.  It is a yoga mat that has 12 poses for children to follow, right on the mat, which is easy to follow!

What I like is that children like us, need to learn to breathe and decompress, & this is a great tool I think!  By giving children an outlet, they can go to their room, or another room and unroll their mat, breathe & do a few poses to calm down, love it!

My son’s school incorporates yoga daily for a few minutes which helps children learn to breathe, as well as teaches them a technique to use own their own.  I see when my son gets upset, he on his own will close his eyes and take a few deep breaths, and he DOES calm down!

Go to to view.