Great tip on getting your newborn right to sleep after a feeding…

A friend of mine has been having trouble getting her baby back to sleep in the middle of the night. The minute she is put in the crib she wakes up, which is frustrating.

My son used to do the same thing, until one night at 3am, I had a solution, lol! I took out an electric heating pad and put it in the crib while I was nursing him. Right before I put him in the crib, I took the heating pad out and unplugged it. The crib sheets were warm, just like my body temperature, and it worked like a charm!

My friend is so grateful for that tip, which has helped her tremendously.

Have a good night sleep!


Must haves in your car!

A friend of mine eight year ago, a mother of three taught me the best advice of all… “always be prepared,”.

That has been my mantra for seven and a half years, especially in our truck!

I always have snacks & water in the car for those just in case moments. My husband didn’t understand, until one night it took me four hours to get home with my two children, due to a car accident on the Turnpike. Thank God I had those items in the car, for you never know what will arise.

Another thing I keep in the car is a backpack with a change of clothes for both children (which I change seasonally), including pajamas, toiletries, wipes, garbage bags (for if your child gets carsick or has an accident it is a lifesaver!)

Lastly, I always keep a ziplock of hand wipes, coloring books, markers and crayons, books, stickers, magnetic puzzles, playdough, and other small things. Whether we are going to a restaurant, or the kids need something to do on a long car ride minus a movie… It is the best trick of all.

Hope you enjoy these tips!


Great idea for Wish List’s for your children this year for the holiday’s!

Throughout the year I compose an Amazon Wish List, that makes Christmas so much easier. Between family and friends who never know what to get the kids, or myself forgetting everything they see in a store or on television… this makes life so much easier! As soon as we get catalogues, or they see a TV ad or something in a store I add it immediately.

My children are at the age where they want to pick out their own things, and we do it together. They think the list we are making is for Santa!

Also Amazon usually has better prices than in most stores, as well as has FREE shipping with setting up a Prime account. It is worth it weight in gold, for for under $80 a year, shipping on items is FREE, & you don’t pay tax, love it!


Donate to the less fortunate, it is easy…

For the past seven years the week after Thanksgiving, I go through my children’s toys to donate to the less fortunate. Either toys or books they outgrow, clothing, there are so many women’s or homeless shelter’s in your area that are in need of these gently used items.

As your children get older, whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, it is important for your child to learn to give to those less fortunate.

It is such a good feeling to know that what we donate, can make a child smile!

I usually do a Google search in our area of women’s & homeless shelters and call them to see what they accept.

Happy giving!


Great weekend family night idea…movie night

For the past year, every Friday or Saturday night we have a family, “Movie Night”. We make popcorn, serve Pirate Booty, & the kids can pick a special treat as well.

All of the candy from the holidays or goodie bags I save in a Ziplock for a once a week special treat.

Our children look forward to this night every week, and they don’t want to lose it for bad behavior, or doing the wrong thing. We either order films through Netflix, On Demand on cable, or purchase a DVD.

Since our children are four and seven and a half, sometimes my husband watches an age appropriate movie with our son, and I watch a girly/princess movie with our daughter.

Having a special night like this a week, is a great way to make memories and spend quality time together.

Our lives can be crazy, but spending time together is PRICELESS, & your children will love you for it!



Great new baby/toddler food product!

There is a great new baby food on the market called, “Nurtur Me”. It is freeze-dried baby food made from organic veggies & fruits and comes in small pouches. What a great way to take food on the go, versus jars, and they can be mixed with breast milk, formula, water, milk or juice too!

Nurtur Me comes in stages, as well as comes in a variety of flavors, and I love that you could mix in it yogurt, or any other food, for the picky toddler/young child. It ia great way to get those fruits & veggies in!

Go to for more information, & to view their video clip.



Cute way to say, “Hello” to your kids at school…

I found this adorable notes to put in my kids lunch boxes on Amazon. I just typed in the phrase, “lunch notes for kids” and found such great notes. From Pre-K to middle school, these notes are a great way to let your child know you are thinking about them, are proud of a good accomplishment, or a great surprise.

My mother would do this when I was a child, and I treasured her notes!

Who doesn’t like to know they are doing a great job, or are loved right?



Teach in the bathtub,lol… really!

As a former educator, I have been reading to my children at the dinner table, on the couch and even the bathtub! Yes the bathtub! It is a great way if bathtime or bedtime is soon arriving, where you could read a story.

During this process it is important to point things out, ask questions and have your child make prediction, even at the age of 1 or 2!

Another great activity for 9 months and up is to use foam letters that stick to the wall… LOVE them! I have 2 sets for larger words for my seven-year old who loves to study his spelling words in the tub! The company is called, “Sassy”, are multicolored, and are the most durable I think!

(You can get a bath hammock for tub toys and store them in there, for they can fall off the wall. Target, Stop & Shop, Walmart, Babies R Us, or at 1-800- Diapers.)

These tips are a great way to teach the phonetics of the letters for ages 1 and up, basic sight words, the spelling of your child’s name, your phone number so they can memorize it (my son learned at age 2 this way), spelling words, every day words they are spelling incorrectly, word families aka hat, cat, bat, sat, etc.

Have fun in the tub!


Thanksgiving ideas for kids…

For the past few years we share Thanksgiving with my family, mother in law and sister-in-law’s family. During dinner to keep the children busy we usually have a few projects for them to do.

Thankful tree: My mother in law used to make this with her nieces, where you could hot glue branches in a terracotta pot, and have leaves cut out of construction paper (orange, red, yellow, brown) where the kids could write 1 thing that they are thankful for on the leaf. With a hole puncher punch a hole in the leaves and give the kids put pipe cleaners to string and tie the leaves to each branch.

Otherwise, you could buy brown felt for each child, and cut out the trunk of the tree, and leaves in the same colors above in felt. (They would need fabric glue if you decide to use felt.)

Turkey Cupcakes: Make the cupcakes of your choice and you will need chocolate frosting, candy corn, red Fruit by the Foot,and M & M’s for the eyes. Give each child a paper plate with their name written on it with a Sharpie marker, few cupcakes (1 for each family member), a small cup of chocolate frosting, cup of candy corn for the feathers, a few blue or green M & M’s for the eyes, & Fruit by the Foot for the neck.

I always make a prototype for the kids to see, I frost the cupcake with the frosting, add 2 eyes, beak with 2 candy corn, turkey neck ruffled fruit by the foot, & feathers made from candy corn.

Holiday Ornaments: We usually go to Micheal’s Craft store (print out coupons online) and get holiday ornaments for Christmas or Hanukkah for the kids to do while the adults are finishing a course. I like the foam ones, for they are easy for most ages.

I also like to have crayons and paper at the children’s table, and play dough afterwards. It just takes keeping the kids busy ONE activity at a time which =’s an enjoyable dinner!



Want to create a great memory of your child’s birthday?

My first child I wrote down every breath, lol. For my second, I didn’t have time to do the same & still feel the guilt, & found a great product!

It is a book entitled, “Your Birthday Book: A Keepsake Journal” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal which sells for $9.97 on Amazon versus the $20 price in most stores.

What I love is that is a brief journal entry of each birthday, where you interview your child as well, as can add remembrances of the day.

Enjoy, and I filled in the last three years for my daughter in 1 night, lol!

Check it our & enjoy!