Must haves in your car!

A friend of mine eight year ago, a mother of three taught me the best advice of all… “always be prepared,”.

That has been my mantra for seven and a half years, especially in our truck!

I always have snacks & water in the car for those just in case moments. My husband didn’t understand, until one night it took me four hours to get home with my two children, due to a car accident on the Turnpike. Thank God I had those items in the car, for you never know what will arise.

Another thing I keep in the car is a backpack with a change of clothes for both children (which I change seasonally), including pajamas, toiletries, wipes, garbage bags (for if your child gets carsick or has an accident it is a lifesaver!)

Lastly, I always keep a ziplock of hand wipes, coloring books, markers and crayons, books, stickers, magnetic puzzles, playdough, and other small things. Whether we are going to a restaurant, or the kids need something to do on a long car ride minus a movie… It is the best trick of all.

Hope you enjoy these tips!


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