Best wireless headphones for the car ever!

Last year my mother-in-law bought my children headphones for the car by, “Kidz Gear”. We take long trips to the beach every weekend, and tend to watch a movie on the long drive.

Our truck comes with headphones which can be heavy for the kids, and these are lightweight, cordless, and are extra wide, to fit my daughter’s hair low, lol!

Amazon sells them, for $25.99 and remember that they are wireless, for they have one with a wire (don’t like those for children can chew on them, and one less thing to untangle right? LOL)



Can you say relax?

The word relax as a parent sounds too good to be true, but it is so important to take 5 minutes to just breathe…

A few years ago in Whole Foods I was looking for lavender & rose aromatherapy oils, and stumbled upon lavender, orange, mint, lemongrass, and rose-water spray. Since this discovery, I keep them in the car, and sometimes my bag. Orange, mint, & lemongrass is to refresh and awaken, and the rose & lavender is for relaxation.

Within just 2 minutes, I close my eyes, and in the next few minutes I breathe deeply to get instantly recharged, and so can you!

Another great tip, is that when my kids are winning or are cranky, I spray them in the backseat, and still do and called it, “Cranky Spray” lol! You be surprised how they either laughed or calmed down in a few minutes. I also get a kick out of it to, lol!

You can make it as well… You will need a small travel size spray bottle (Target in the travel toiletry section), essential pure oil of your choice, and good old H2O. Add 3-5 drops of the oil into the bottle, then fill the remainder with water, & enjoy!

It will make you a better parent, & give you a moment of OHM, for you DESERVE 5 minutes!



Want to make gingerbread cookies in a flash?

I usually make cookies homemade, however I found a great product from IKEA, yes… IKEA! (Which are located in their freezer section downstairs in the food department.)

They sell a frozen roll of gingerbread dough which is delicious!

Just defrost overnight, follow the directions on the package, and set up the toppings (raisins, M & M’s, shoelace licorice to add hair or a bow, small gumdrops) in small cups for each child and have fun!

Your home will smell like Martha Stewart’s, lol!

Happy baking!


How to teach responsibility…

From when your chid turns one, it is a great time to begin teaching him/her to put their toys away. Of course you will be doing most of the work, lol, but it is important for a child to learn responsibility.

Having your child hand you specific thongs is a great learning tool, as well as building your child’s vocabulary in the process.

As your child turns two, he/she can help sorting laundry (colors or by family members, making piles), helping you make their bed, set the table, and help take the waste paper garbage.

My son has been doing that since he was three, where he would go to all the bedroom and bathrooms and bring me all of the bags. He felt and still feels great helping out.

My daughter’s job is setting the table, feeding her fish, and making her bed, just as her brother des,

I of course go over it when they are at school, however it is teaching them to be responsible.

There are endless chores and takes to teach responsibility taking care of a pet, assisting with cooking, cleaning up their toys, etc, but it is an important part of your child’s development for them to learn this trait.



Want great Christmas & Hanukkah Gift ideas for kids?

I have been collecting these beauties for the past few weeks & am ready to share them…

1.) For the little girl or boy who loves to dress up, check out Disney’s website & outlet site,, Amazon, Khols online, Melissa & Doug and create your own costume Dress Up Trunk!

My daughter, age 4, loves to play dress up, yet the pre-boxed trunks seem to be too small, whereas if you order costumes, they are the, “just right size”.

2.) For the Lego-lover, you MUST go to the Lego store in NYC in Rockefeller Center. You can purchase a plastic container that you can individualize colors from their Lego wall!

3.) Great accessory for the IPAD for kids, it is called, “Iguy foam pad stand”. What I love is that it has two handles that children can hold, or stand it up to watch a movie. (It sells on Amazon.)

4.) Gift cards to specialty stores (American Girl, Lego, FAO, Target, Barns & Noble, or Toys r Us) where your child can go after the holidays to get great deals on toys, and have a special day with you! Target for one has a 30% off section right after Christmas to blow out all of the overstock fyi. It is als a great time to stock up on birthday gifts then too! 🙂

5.) Sbyke P-20 rear steering scooter on Amazon, love the bike handles and breaks, for kids tend to go too fast!

6.) On Amazon they have a section where you can look at age appropriate toys from birth-teenagers, and read individual review for toys & products. With toys for babies being recalled, it is a great way to research, and the hw is done for you… love it!

7.) For the American Girl lover, aside from the store or online, Target & Pottery Barn Kids have a less expensive line of products that fit and go with the dolls!

8.) Good old board games! Children today are busy with activities, technology and so much more, and NEED to learn how to THINK! Board games are a great way to teach critical thinking & strategy, as well as INTERACT with others, aside from DS, IPADS, & other video gaming systems. Target, Wal-Mart, 5 & Below stores, Toys R Us, The Learning Express stores, & Amazon have great deals on games, so stock up!

9.) Library basket, go to Barns & Noble, Scholastic Book, or Amazon’s websites and order age appropriate books that your child loves. Whether it be a character they like, an interest, or something they would like to learn about, this is a GREAT way to promote the love for books!

10.) Buy a toy from your era that you think your child would like! I gave my daughter a few of my dolls, as did my husband give our son some of his Matchbox cars & Star Wars figures which they got a kick out if it! Some of the toys from the past, are still enjoyed today, lol! (FYI I am only 38, lol)

More gift ideas to come…


Mothers Instinct…

For almost eight years I have realized that a mother’s instinct is usually right. Between asking a doctor, friend, or family member, what you feel in a situation, you need to react on what you feel at that point.

Whenever I didn’t go with my gut feeling, I was wrong. For as parents, we want to help our children, and want the best for them. No two people will have the same opinion, which can be confusing where you can second guess yourself, and make the wrong decision.

Being a parent is not a textbook situation, but a learning experience.

Like animals we too share a common bond, INSTINCT, so go with it!