Want a fun idea for the last week of summer?

Have a picnic for dinner!

One day I decided to cook dinner early, and we had dinner in a local park. I didn’t tell the children where we were going, & when we got there, they were so surprised!

I packed a blanket, water, dinner, plastic utensils, napkins, plastic plates, 1 white garbage bag, hand-wipes, cut up fruit, bug spray, & flashlights for the kids.

It was such a great evening, & even better when the Ice Cream truck came by!

For the working mom, as long as you have an address, order dinner from a local pizzeria, or restaurant you love that delivers!  Ask them to pack utensils, napkins & condiments & just pack a blanket. Note, most parks have picnic or chess tables to sit at too, which can turn into your own personal dinner table.

I have learned that it is the, “little” things in life that are what is most memorable.  Spending time with your child & doing something special, is priceless!

Enjoy your picnic!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows

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