Want one, two, or a few more hours to yourself?

A friend of mine, as well as a few nighbors do a child swap for an hour or two durring the summer, & when the children are off from school. This way you can get a manicure in peace, go to gym, store or just read an entire magazine! Lol!

Also I have reccomeded another idea to some families in my community of doing a, “Nanny Share”.Some stay at home/working moms are sometimes in need of a babysitter and are stuck with no one to watch their child/children.  If you make up ascedual with other moms, you can set a weekly time that you will need a sitter. This also helps, because with the economy today, not everyone ccan afford to pay a nanny for the week.  By getting local moms to do a, “Nanny Share” it can make life a bit less hectic!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!

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