Want to be able NOT to loose any of your child’s items this year?

With school only a few weeks away, it is a great time to order labels for your child’s personal items.  Whether it be their lunchbox, shoes, coats, hats, sports gear, backpacks the list is endless! But if items are labeled, it makes finding them a cinch!

I know I have looked through the lost and found which can be frustrating, as well as disappointing. One unforgettable situation, was when another child took my daughter’s favorite, “Twinkle Toes” sneakers by mistake, which was a complete nightmare! So I put an end to that tale with the click of a mouse!

Since children have many of the same items, labelling is the most efficient way for your child to find their things.  Also for the little ones, it is a great way for them to learn the letters in their first & last name too!

Another important factor is that many children today have food allergies, and by adding a label, it can save a life!

The companies that I love are the following:

www.mabelslables.com (Classic site, and carries Tween Label’s too!)

www.stuckonyou.com (Love their Back to School section!)

www.namebubbles.com (Check out their dishwasher safe label’s!)

www.lableyourstuff.com (Has great allergy label’s!)

Order yours today, and start labeling before school starts, one less thing to do!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows 🙂


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