Want a fun way to teach your child how to count, or learn about patterns ?

Then make your own counters!

Children LOVE to make things with their parents, as well as love to do crafts!

To make counters, get colorful pipe cleaners, yarn, or string.

Make a knot on one end and tape that end to the table. (This makes it easier for stringing.)

Either use large beads, buttons, or even Cheerios, & string 20 of them.

Next, make a knot at the end, & there, you have a portable counter.

Great to put in your pocketbook, diaper bag, or car!

Your child can make patterns out of the beads, & it is a great way for teaching colors too!

Melissa & Doug sell a large beading set which I photographed below, perfect for toddlers (lead free paint :)).

Michael’s, Target or any craft store sell the items listed above, so check them out!

The counters help the older ones with math, & is great to use for addition & subtraction homework!

Happy beading!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!


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