Want to make or buy a delicious party mix for New Years?

Then make New York White Trash mix!

Omg, every year I buy a can of this at Henri Bendel, but is is easy to make at home as well.

The ingredients you will need are: 3 cups of Rice Chex, 3 cups of Corn, 3 cups of Wheat Chex, 2 cups of pretzel sticks, 2 cups of pecans, 1 lb. of white chocolate, & powdered sugar to dust.

(For dietary issues, you could also use 9 cups of one cereal, or omit the nuts for allergies, just add 1 extra cup of pretzels & 1 extra cup of cereal as the replacement, or add 2 cups of M & M’s instead).

Utensils: 1 large mixing bowl, 1 spatula, 1 cookie sheet, double boiler pots, wax paper, strainer.

1.) Melt the white chocolate slowly in a double boiler.

2.) Gently mix the cereal, pretzels, & nuts in a mixing bowl.

3.) Line a cookie sheet with wax paper.

4.) When the chocolate is completely melted, pour into dry mixture bowl, & stir gently with a spatula.

5.) Next dust with powdered sugar, toss & dust again.

6.) Pour the mixture onto the lined cookie sheet, dust with powdered sugar, & let it dry completely.

7.) When ready to serve, break it up into a large bowl, & watch your guests devour it!

Take it from a Mom Who Loves New Year’s!


Want to have fun with your kids the last few days of Winter Break?

Then head to a local museum then!

With our weekends being full from sports activities, to birthday parties, we are always busy!

Every winter break, we choose a museum to go to with family & friends, which the kids look forward to.

My tip is to get there when it opens, leave the coats in the car, or bring a stroller to hang them on.

Also I like to bring prepackaged snacks and water, for those, “I’m hungry” moments.

As a former educator, we always started on the upper floors, then would work our way down. Trust me, when you leave, you will know why, lol!

Check online the museum you choose, because they usually have holiday hours, & open earlier.

Enjoy your time as a family!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES museums!


Want fun props for New Years Eve?

Then go to www.amazon.com, and search for photo booth props!

Or you can make them yourself using construction paper, & wooden skewer sticks (Just cut off the sharp tips.)

Next, glue the paper to the back of each stick, & dry completely.

Some fun shapes are mustaches, lips, glasses, hats, ties, crowns, pacifier, etc.

Also you could use fun hats, boas, & beaded necklaces too.

I love making each holiday fun and memorable for our children.

What better way than to take fun pictures for New Years Eve that they will surely remember!


Take it from a Mom Who likes to have FUN!


Want a great suggestion of what to do with all of your children’s old toys?

Then donate gently used toys, to make room for the new ones.

During winter break, I have our children go through their toys.

Whatever they have not played with for a while, or have outgrown, we make a donation bag.

The list below are places you can donate throughout the US.

The Salvation Army: To donate household items, clothing, toys, furniture, please call 800-728-7825.

Vietnam Veterans Of America: Will pick up within 24 hours right at your door.

Women’s Crisis Centers/Shelters: Find a shelter throughout the US at, www.womenshelters.org

Donation Town: Nationwide Donation Pick Up will come right to your home. Just schedule an pickup online at,

Stuffed Animals For Emergencies, Inc: is a wonderful site that collects new, or gently used stuffed animals for children in crisis. www.stuffedanimalsforemergencies.org

Some local nursery schools, or day cares accept gently used or new toys as well. Just call ahead of time before you drop them off.

Another idea in which I blogged about once before, is to have a toy swap with friends.

Have a play date, and swap toys, books, DVD’s, etc.

It is such a great feeling to give those in need, & wonderful for your children to do too!

Happy sorting!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!


Want a great way for your children to write thank you notes?

Then get your children fun stationary!

Thank you notes seem to be something of the past, and unheard of these days.

It is important for children to be thankful when they receive a gift, and learn to express their gratitude.

I found fun stationary at Michael’s called, “Create Your Own Stationary/Postcards” by Project Zone.

What I like us that your children can personalize each card because they are blank.

Also I found a great site, www.invitingco.com, which has amazing stationary for kids, and adults too.

Whether it be the above, or a piece of construction paper, it is important for children to learn how to write a card.

Make it fun with colored markers, crayons and stickers, & let your kids be creative!

For those little ones who aren’t able to write, have them draw a picture, & tell you what to write.

Keep a long lost tradition alive, & teach your children how to write their first note.

Happy writing!

Take it from a Mom Who is thankful!


Want to make cookies in a flash?

Then head to IKEA, or your local supermarket!

I am the queen of homemade, but this holiday I have been pulled in a thousand directions, & used pre made dough.

IKEA sells the BEST gingerbread dough, which is not too sweet, & is delicious!

Pillsbury has either precut holiday shapes, or a roll of sugar cookie dough, which is fun for the kids!

I used all of the leftover gingerbread house candy like, holiday sprinkles from Wilton, red hots, M & M’s, & mini candy canes.

Just follow the instructions for each package, get some holiday cookie cutters, & have fun in half the time!

Sometimes we need to make our lives easier, & need to stress less.

This year I am, & so should you!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES shortcuts!

Happy Baking!


Want to keep the kids buy while you cook, or get ready for Christmas?

Then head to Michael’s craft store!

For $8, the company, “Creatology” , has a fun cardboard clubhouse for the kids to make.

Some pharmacies like Walgreens carry these as well by, “Discovery”, but call before you go.

Just assemble the house, then get a pack of markers, or crayons per child, & the kids will be busy for at least 2-3 hours! LOVE this!

I would reinforce the house with packing tape to prevent breaking, & tears!

I do this every year during the holidays, & the kids look forward to this every year.

Take it from a Mom Who Knows how to keep kids busy during the holidays. 😉

Happy cooking!


Want a, “Must Have” item to keep in your car?

Then head to Nordstrom or Sephora!

Omg! I actually thought of this idea years ago, & now it was perfected!

The “Mini Emergency Kit for Her”, & “Pinch Provisions” kit contains at least sixteen beauty or personal items all in a compact pouch.

It makes an AMAZING stocking stuffer, party favor, as well as is a must have in either your bag, or car!

You never know when you need a button, nail file, etc. in a pinch, & this kit has it all!

Enjoy another great item!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows about great products!