Want to feel good helping those in need this season?

Then volunteer wherever you can, donate items, & get your children involved!

Today my family spent the entire day in Staten Island, New York, at the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

I have been volunteering since Hurricane Sandy, & wanted my children to help those in need.

It is important for children to be apart of helping others, & my children were amazing today!

From bagging items, to giving out gifts, they saw firsthand what it means to give, & help those in need.

Tears ran down my face throughout the day of joy, & sadness, but I was overcome with happiness seeing smiles on children’s faces.

We can get caught up in our own lives, but know how appreciative people are for all that is donated.

For more information, go to www.tunneltotowersrun.org, & LIKE them on Facebook.

Take it from a Mom Who’s family CARES!


Want fun cookies for your milk, or hot coco?

Then head to the nearest Trader Joes!

They have Cinnamon School Book cookies made in shapes of the alphabet that are so cute!

Then my fave, is their Dunker collection of chocolate chip, dipped chocolate chip, & oatmeal cranberry drizzle.

The cookies are the perfect size to dunk in milk, or hot coco, because of their shape.

Trader Joes is an amazing store filled with so many amazing products, & is worth the drive!

Go to their website for store locations, & information about products they carry at, www.traderjoes.com.

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!


Want two great shops for your skater, or teenage son?

Then head to Soho, New York, or shop online at, www.bbcicecream.com, or www.stussy.com!

I love unique looks, & both the Billionaire Boys Club & Stussy stores have it all!

From graphic tees, to baseball caps, these stores have such cool looks for young men.

Rapper, Pharrel Williams is the mastermind behind, The Billionaire Boys Club, I AM OTHER, Bee Line, as well as the Ice Cream line.

His stores are all over the world, & have a great vibe.

Pharrel is a collector of modern art, & the artist, “KAWS” (from Jersey City 🙂 ), is the designer of many collectible graphic tees, which I LOVE!

Check out their website above for store locations, or shop online for hip looks for your teen! LOVE their shop in Soho, NY!

Stussy has been around since I was a teenager, and they too have cool looks for boys.

Love their tees & jackets for boys!


Take it from a Mom Who Likes to be different, & LOVES fashion!


Want to make hot chocolate, or chocolate milk made with LESS sugar?

Then head to your local market to pick up a jar of old school Ovaltine!

It is not only almost half of the sugar, it is delicious!

My children have been drinking it a a replacement to chocolate milk & hot chocolate for almost nine years.

As I love the look for less, I also like to find healthier ideas for my children.

Ovaltine not only is caffeine free, it also is packed with vitamins too!

Enjoy your cup hot or cold, & add a few mini marshmallows or a candy cane for the holidays.

Take it from a Mom Who Knows chocolate!


Want great fabric recycle shopping bags that come in bright colors?

Then head to IKEA, or shop online at, www.ikea.com!

Take your pick… Navy blue, orange, or my fave fushia! These bags fold into a small pouch, versus other bags, are machine washable, & are under $1!

I have one in my pocketbook as a back up, for many times paper bags break, or the kids don’t want to hold something.

Two great uses for them for holiday gift bags, as well as use them as favor gift bags for your child’s birthday! LOVE these!

We need to teach our children at a young age about recycling, for then it becomes part of their everyday lives.

Take it from a Mom Who CARES!


Want a great collection of books written by Tiki & Ronde Barber for your sports loving son?

I am always looking for stories that are inspirational, as well as have a good message for children.

If you want a collection of books that promote that message, then Tiki and Ronde Barber have written just the thing!

From picture books for ages 6 to 10, to chapter books for ages 8-12, your sons will be truly inspired!

Children look up to sports figures, and I like the fact that they get to know these twin brothers, who are much more that.

They were a team way before playing football, for that is what their mother instilled in them.

It is values like that which children should reflect upon, rather than a touchdown.

For being successful comes with hard work, perseverance, values, and goals.
All of which Tiki and Ronde Barber possess.

Go to Barns & Noble, or Amazon.com to purchase, or for more information.

Enjoy another great collection of books!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES to read!


Want to have a fun gingerbread party with your kids?

Then you will need the following:

1 Pre-made gingerbread house (Purchased at Michael’s, or Target)

1 box of Frosted Mini Wheat cereal

1 bag of square pretzels

Variety of candy (M&M’s, Twizzlers, gumdrops, Mike & Ike’s, Hershey Kisses, small candy canes, white chocolate chips, Smarties, Spearmint leaves, Tootsie Rolls, Kit Kat bars)

Store bought Vanilla Frosting

Pepperidge Farm Gingerbread Family Cookies

Silver Cake boards (Purchased at Michael’s)

Large clear basket bags, gift tags & ribbon (Purchased at Michaels)

Plastic clear cups

Plastic knives


1.) Glue down each house with icing, & let dry for a half hour.

2.) Cover the table with a tablecloth, this makes it easy to clean up.

3.) Next fill the plastic cups with candy for each child.

4.) Have the frosting & knives out at each place setting.

5.) After the children decorate their houses, let them dry for an hour.

6.) Next place each house in a bag, label each tag, then tie with a ribbon.

Enjoy a great day with your children, & don’t open until Christmas!

This tradition we do every year in our home, & our children look forward to sharing it with their family on Christmas night every year!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!


Want to know what to say to your child if they hear about today’s tragic event in Connecticut?

First I want to extend my heartfelt condolences to all of those families who lost their child today.

There are no words, I can say but that they are angels in heaven.

The event that transpired today is unimaginable, and one in which WILL effect many children!

As a former educator, I can honestly say that if your child comes home and asks you questions, less is better.

The most important thing they need to know is that they are safe, and loved.

Children may be curious, scared, angry, upset or show other emotions. It is critical that you listen to their feelings, and explain things in a simplified way, depending on their age of course.

Death is part of life, and children need to have an understanding during a crisis, if they ask.

All schools are offering counseling services next week, so please make your child’s classroom teacher aware if your child needs to seek services.

Another tip is to try NOT to watch the news, or read the newspaper while your children are around. It is not necessary for young children to watch the replay, or see pictures of today’s tragic event.

Be there for your child, listen to what they have to say if they bring it up, & again, God bless all those angels, & their families.

Take it from a Mom Who is deeply saddened today. 🙁

Want to have the BEST gum ever that has a great cause?

Then head to Walmart, or order online at, www.PROJECT7.com!

You can ask your local market to carry this product, simply by giving them the website information. 😉

I absolutely love mint gum, and this is not only long lasting, it is delicious!

“Project 7” gum makes products to support areas in need around the world, & each tube of gum plants 1 fruit tree! LOVE THIS!

My children reuse the empty tubes as banks, or to save apple seeds to plant this spring.

Enjoy gum with a cause… I do!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!