Want a cute tooth fairy idea?

Then head to Barns & Noble, or order a copy of, “Silverlicious”, by Victoria Kann!

I am a big believer that books are a great learning tool, and this story is adorable!

It is about a little girl named, Pinkalicious, who is impatient waiting for the tooth fairy, & thinks she lost her sweet tooth.

She later learns than sweetness comes from within, & is so exited when the tooth fairy finally leaves her silver chocolate coins.

My Mom Who Knows tip…

Sprinkle glitter on your child’s nightstand, add 3 chocolate coins, a pack of gum, & whatever dollar amount you want to give.

(This idea can be used for both boys and girls.)

This is a great time to purchase chocolate coins because they sell them during Chanukah.

All supermarkets, card stores, pharmacies, Target & Walmart carry them as well.

Enjoy another great idea!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!


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