Want a great way for your children to write thank you notes?

Then get your children fun stationary!

Thank you notes seem to be something of the past, and unheard of these days.

It is important for children to be thankful when they receive a gift, and learn to express their gratitude.

I found fun stationary at Michael’s called, “Create Your Own Stationary/Postcards” by Project Zone.

What I like us that your children can personalize each card because they are blank.

Also I found a great site, www.invitingco.com, which has amazing stationary for kids, and adults too.

Whether it be the above, or a piece of construction paper, it is important for children to learn how to write a card.

Make it fun with colored markers, crayons and stickers, & let your kids be creative!

For those little ones who aren’t able to write, have them draw a picture, & tell you what to write.

Keep a long lost tradition alive, & teach your children how to write their first note.

Happy writing!

Take it from a Mom Who is thankful!


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