Wanted water that is purified from tap to table?


Then check out, “Bobble’s Water Jug” @ Target!

Today I stumbled upon this great product that is perfect for home, school or at the office.

Bobble makes amazing products, that are BPA FREE, & this one will surely be a hit this summer!

It comes in a variety of colors, sells for $20, & has an insert (which needs to be replaced after a few uses), that purifies that water you pour in from the tap.

Check it out at Target, Amazon.com, or their website, www.waterbobble.com!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES H2O!

Want chocolate that is actually good for you?


Then check out, Vita Organic Foods, in Summit, New Jersey, or visit them at www.vitaorganicfoods.com!

What an amazing shop they have!

One of my closest friends brought be there last week, & I am hooked on their dehydrated mangos, juices & their homemade CHOCOLATES!

Vita Organics has the most amazing combinations, from goji berries, to coconut, their collection is absolutely delicious!

In the afternoon I enjoy something with my latte, & a piece or two of their chocolate gives me a blast of energy.

Check out their website, & they can ship orders right to your doorstep!

Perfect for Valentines Day!

Who doesn’t want chocolate that is GOOD for you right?

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES their new combo of dried mango & coconut!

Want a great tip to prevent the flu for your infant, or toddler?


Then place a plastic covering over your stroller in public places!

Since allergens & germs can be airborne, & in infants immunity levels are low, what not do this?

I have always used my plastic cover that came with my stroller in malls, or small spaces as a preventative measure.

Buy Buy Baby, Babies R’Us, Target, Amazon.com, & most baby boutiques carry universal covers, so bring your stroller to make sure it fits.

Hope this gives you peace of mind this flu season!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows all the tricks. 😉

Want to have more energy?


Then find an exercise program that works for you!

I have been on a journey to doing something for myself, & it is an amazing feeling!

Having a child or children can take a lot out of you, & it is important to do something for yourself!

Yes it can be hard, but find something that you like, & you will be hooked!

Whether it be a Boot Camp class, going to a gym, yoga, Zoomba, Local Barre, or a spinning class @ Soulcycle, find something that appeals to you.

Most facilities will let you try a class or a week for FREE, so inquire before you go.

If childcare is an issue, then pair up with a friend, & watch each others children.

Two inexpensive ways of exercising at home are to watch OnDemand shows, or simply walk outside, “which is FREE”, as my mother always says. Just dress appropriate and take a walk at a pace where you are out of breath.

We as mothers need to stay healthy for ourselves, as well as for our families.

It sets a good example for your children if, “Mommy & Daddy” work out to be healthy!

As my mother in law says, “Our children are reflections of us!”

Take it from a Mom Who is on the road to getting healthy @ 35 Minute BootCamps in Hoboken, New Jersey!

Want a great, “Time-Out” tool that works!


Then follow these simple steps!

Step 1: Collaboratively as a couple set rules for your family, & talk it over with your children.

*It is imperative that everyone is on the same page, (Like your spouse, family members, nanny’s or babysitters) because it reinforces the rules.

Step 2: Give you child/children a reminder of what they did. If they do it again, then something will be taken away, & that it will be their choice!

*By giving your child a reminder, it is helpful for them to reflect on their behavior. Also by putting the choice in their lap after a reminder, it can be helpful.

Step 3: Have an area in your home which the toy or item that I being taken away is far out if reach.

I have a collection on top of our refrigerator, or some other ideas is to keep the items in a clear plastic bin, or in a bag to be kept in your car or closet, & the list can go on!

Step 4: Explain to your child that they chose for the toy/item to be taken away, & that is was their choice!

Then place the toy/item in the designated area for a few hours, the entire day, or overnight.

Also they will get it back, but not at this time, & let them know when.

Step 5: By the end of the day, or the day in which you give the toy/item back, explain why it was taken away.

*We as parents need to teach our children right from wrong, as well a need to set boundaries, & implement family rules.

If everyone is on the same page, this method truly works, & so far it has for my family for almost nine years!

There are days we face as parents that can be challenging, but have faith, because you will be helping your child in the long run!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!

Want the BEST popcorn ever that’s only 35 calories per cup?


Then buy a bag of, “Boom Chicka Pop”!

What a great tasting, low calorie snack for the entire family!

I am obsessed with popcorn, & this find is truly amazing!

COSTO sells a giant 12oz bag for $5, which is resealable too.~LOVE this!

“Boom Chicka Pop” made with sea salt has no trans fat, is Vegan, 100% whole grain, is certified gluten-free, non GMO, & is cholesterol free!

Go to www.boomchickapop.com for store locators, or for more information on this product.

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES healthy snacks!

Want to come to the, “Mommies Night Out” event & be transformed?


Then come join me for a night of fun & transformation!

When: Thursday, February 21, 2013

Time: 8pm Sharp, until 10pm

Where: Benifit Boutique
454 West Broadway btw. Prince & Houston Street in NYC

Details: $40 per person includes the following…

*Eyebrown shaping, waxing threading or tinting

*$40 goes towards your makeup purchase

*Champagne, wine, & hordorves

*A night of fun!

Please RSVP by February 7th to (212) 769-1111 & say it for the Mom Who Knows Event when you call.

Take it from a Mom Who Loves Benefit, & you will too!

Want some cute duds for this Spring?


Then start shopping now here & there!

It seems each year that seasonal clothing comes out earlier in most stores I have found.

Whenever I see something, I tend to buy things slowly which helps, versus in one big seasonal shopping trip!

Also by purchasing clothing now, you get the sizes you need, and it makes things much easier.

The only items I do not buy are shoes, because children usually have growth spurts in spring.

If you choose my easy method, then keep a list of what you bought, so that you know what else might be needed closer to spring & summer.

Take it from a Mom Who is halfway done shopping for Spring!

Want a great gift for an expectant family?


Then head to Target, or www.knockknockstuff.com, for a, “Take Out Menu” set!

Knock Knock makes the greatest products, & this is one of my faves!

It is a binder with tabbed folders to put all of your take out menus, & comes with a fun ordering notepad too.

For an expectant family, I would fill this with local menus, & give them a gift card to order dinner!

There is nothing better than NOT thinking about dinner the first few weeks your child comes into the world.

Flowers and balloons are beautiful, but this gift will be surely loved, & used instantly, lol.

This book retails for $20, and is a unique gift for anyone! Love this!

Take it from a Mom Who’s getting more organized in 2013!

Want a great snack for the family that’s packed with Vitamin C for flu season?


Then pick up a box of clementines & kiwi!

I am always trying to find natural foods to promote a good immune system for my family.

What better way than naturally right?

Clementines are wonderful, because they are seedless for children, & kiwi is perfect too, especially for babies!

Get your box today, & stay healthy this winter season!

Take it from a Mom Who just stocked up! 😉