Want a great tool for your child to work on writing uppercase, lowercase or cursive writing?

Then check out, “Kid O Magnatab’s”!

What a fun way to teach your child, or have them work on the strokes of each letter or number properly.

Nowadays most schools don’t focus too much time on handwriting, & I find that many children are in need help.

My children’s OT, loved the products so much, she ordered all 5 sets for her clients!

This tool comes in 0-9 Numbers, A-Z upper & lowercase letters, as well as A-Z upper & lowercase cursive sets.

It comes with a stylus, in which the child follows the numbers above to see which direction to go to. As they move in the direction, magnetic beads come up to the surface.

(Note the beads DO NOT come out of the Magnatab.)

Go to www.amazon.com for the best prices I have found!

Magnatabs are fun for the car, travel, home, resturant, & make a great gift too!

Enjoy another great learning tool!

Take it from a Mom Who Was a teacher! 😉


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