Want to know my, “Must Haves” For illness this winter?

Then check out the following products:

1.) Young Living all-in-one diffuser/humidifier/air purifier & atomizer with Thieves oil (natural antibacterial essential oil) contact Heather Maher (201) 206-5335, or yogagirl15@gmail.com

2.) Boogie Wipes (Target, Babies R’Us, or Buy Buy Baby)

3.) Saline Nasal Mist for stuffy noses

4.) EOS Lip Balm great for chapped lips (Target)

5.) Johnson’s Bath Bath Soothing Vapor (Target, Buy Buy Baby, or Babies R’ Us)

6.) Smart Water best for dehydration

7.) Premium Saltines Fresh Stack my fave for nausea

8.) Steripod toothbrush sanitizer (Bed Bath & Beyond

9.) Lollipops, love these for sore throats, or after medicine, to give a good taste in your child’s mouth.

10.) Pastina pasta perfect for the BRAT diet.

11.) Disinfectant wipes love to wipe countertops, toilets, or toys when my children are sick.

12.) Applesauce is great for sore throats, or a stomach virus.

13.) Bananas for stomach virus, & kiwi is great for colds, because it is packed with Vitamin C!

14.) Tylenol & Motrin (for fevers over 102*)

15.) Probiotics great for stomach illness (Powder form for infants & chewable for ages 2+) Whole Foods, or your local Health Food store in the refrigerated section

16.) Doggy Wee Wee pads are great for lining the floor in your child’s room for vomiting, or line the floor with pool towels. Saves the rug or floor! (Target, Walmart, PetSmart)

17.) Humidifier is perfect for bad colds, coughs, or the flu (Bed Bath & Beyond and use a 20% coupon from their website.)

18.) Aquaphor is perfect for red noses, to heal the skin.

19.) Thermometer

20.) Organic honey is amazing for coughs, for children over 2 years old.

*Always check with your physician before giving your child any medication, as well as homeopathic vitamins.

Every January I go through the medicine cabinet to see what has expired, so I can replenish what we need.

It is a good idea to keep the above in the house so you are always prepared for anything.

Take it from a Mom Who Has been there!


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