Want some fun small take along toys for your kids?


Then head to the Disney Store, or shop online @ www.disneystore.com!

I am always looking for small toys that I can keep in my pocketbook to keep my children busy when needed.

Whether it be in a resturant, in the car, on the plane, at the doctors office, or in store, I ALWAYS have something in my bag of tricks, lol.

Disney has been making figurine sets for boys & girls for years, which are amazing! Love these!

From princesses to Toy Story, they have it all, & for under $12!

From an educational standpoint, these figures promote creative thinking, & creativity, which is so important in this day & age.

Take it from a Mom Who Knows what keeps children busy!

Want to give your family juice without the added sugar & additives?


Then invest in a juicer, & head to the market for Organic fruits & vegetables!

In the past month I have been reading, as well as seeing on the news how sugary drinks are so bad for us!

A close friend of ours has been juicing for years, & educated me in the benefits of natural juice.

It not only is delicious, it is just as sweet as bottled juices too!

Since juicing is not an option for my crazy mornings, I make it the night before. (It lasts only for 24 hours.)

Just store it in an airtight container, shake it up, then serve!

There are so many recipes on the Internet, & my children love Watermelon Cucumber, Apple, Beet & Carrot, and pineapple carrot too!

Go to www.all-about-juicing.com/Juicing_for_Children.html or www.janesjuice.com!

What I love, is that if your child is not a vegetable eater, he/she might like it mixed in juice!

If juicing is not your thing, or you are a working mother, then your local health food store, or Whole Foods sells them already bottled!

It is worth giving it a try!

Take it from a Mom Who Loves Green Goddess juice!

Want great dye free toothpaste for your children?


Then check out Tom’s Toothpaste products!

Recently there has been talk regarding the dyes in toothpaste which can be harmful if ingested.

Then why put your family at risk daily!

Tom’s makes a variety of flavors like Strawberry, Orange, Mint, & now a Wicked Mint for children 8+.

We learn something new everyday, & this is a great way to remove dyes from being ingested, especially in young children.

Happy brushing!

Take it from a Mom Who has been using Tom’s for the entire family!

Want to know where to get great accessories for a color themed party!


Then head to the following:

For candy in bulk, go to…

For paper goods & decorations…
The Dollar Tree
Party City

Fun giveaways…

I LOVE themed parties, & have found the above helpful, as well as Pinterest, to find fun ideas too!

Happy planning!

Take it from a Mom Who throws great parties! 😉

Want to learn how to knit, or just get the most amazing selections of yarn?


Then either head to Chelsea Yarns in Colts Neck, New Jersey, or shop online @ www.chelseayarns.com!

What a shop! From yarn, to patterns, buttons & needles, Chelsea Yarns has it all!

Proprietor, Christina Lundborg, had a dream of opening a store, which she has made a reality!

Her shop which opens March 1st, features the largest range in yarn from a low price point, to Couture!

Chelsea Yarns will offer classes both private & groups, including, “Mommy & Me” classes to come, group events, along with a summer seminar for kids!

It is located right next door to Delicious Orchards farm & gourmet market, which is a MUST to stop in!

Chelsea Yarns
340 State Rt 34 South
Colts Neck, New Jersey 07702

Happy knitting!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows her yarn!

Want your children to be swimming by summer?


Then get them into swimming lessons this winter!

I am a big believer in fall & winter swimming lessons, so that by summer your children have an idea of what to expect.

Also this gives them time to learn safety skills, & how to swim before the season arrives.

There are so many places that offer swimming lessons in the area in which you live, just Google, or ask around.

We will be vacationing this spring, so our five year old daughter will be taking lessons to refresh her skills before our trip.

She was confidently swimming by August, but it can’t hurt to brush up on those techniques right?

Happy swimming!

Take it from a Mom Who is ready to swim in a warm climate safely! 😉

Mommies Night Out is rescheduled to Thursday, April 18th!


Calling all Mommies…

Please note that tomorrow’s event is rescheduled to Thursday April 18th, same time, same place!

Benefit Boutique
454 West Broadway btw. Prince & Houston Street

Time: 8:00-10:00pm

Please RSVP to 212-769-1111

$40 per person includes:

One if the following: eyebrow shaping, waxing threading or tinting.

*Wine & champagne


*Fun accessories

*Makeup lesson & application

*$40 that you pay goes towards your makeup purchase

Hope to see you for a night of fun & transformation!

Want adorable outfits for Spring?


Then head to Target!

Today on my weekly outing I discovered adorable dresses, & seersucker suits for boys which are too cute for words!

The problem is that il they only carry a few pieces from each designer, so if you see it, you need to get it!

You can order at Target.com as well, so check out their Spring arrivals, & you will be pleasantly surprised!

As I have said before, my children wear clothing from high end stores, to Target, & if I like something, it doesn’t matter to me where it is from.

Fashion is fun, no matter where you shop, because its how you wear it! 😉

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES Target’s Spring line!

Want to have spaghetti in a healthier way?


Then head to the supermarket & purchase a spaghetti squash!

In one word… Delish!

The squash when cooked resembles spaghetti, yet with a crunchier texture.

To cook properly wash the outer skin with vegetable wash.

Next cut the squash in half & remove the seeds.

Afterwards either microwave 8-10 minutes depending on the size, or preheat the oven to 375*, for 30 minutes.

I make this for the kids with organic butter & sea salt, as well as have made it as if I were making Mac & cheese.

For myself I like it with organic butter and fresh Parmesan, or with pesto sauce.

What is great is that it is gluten free, healthier than pasta, & is delicious!


Take it from a Mom Who LOVES pasta!