Want a few fun winter ideas for the kids in the snow?


Then get a few shovels, snowman kit, snow disks, & hot coco!

I have tried many sleds, but the BEST still to me are the old school, snow disks!

They are durable, come in many colors, & gain the most speed I think.

Yesterday sleigh ridding with the kids & friends, one inflatable sled popped, and another cracked, yet the snow discs remained intact!

Another fun activity is to make snowmen & snow women, lol. It’s fun to be creative, & use what you have at home (glasses, scarf, gloves, carrot, charcoal, & spaghetti for hair).
Restoration Hardware has a great kit too! (It comes with a hat, scarf, plastic carrot, eyes, mouth and buttons.)

My favorite pastime is building a snow fort or tunnel! (A parent should always be around if it collapses, for safety reasons.)

All you need are shovels, & you could also use a trowel (used for gardening), & a plastic brick maker (found at Target).

Next let the imagination flow, & take many pictures, for these memories are priceless!

Enjoy a cup of hot coco, & have fun, we are!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES to have fun in the snow!

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