Want to walk around the mall or around town with your toddler in peace?


Then take your push car out from the garage, or invest in one!

I am a big believer in always being prepared on our outings, as well as making things fun for our children.

One summer we were going out shopping when I had an epiphany!

My daughter loved her push car, so I decided to fill it with snacks, small toy keys, a drink, & took her into town.

She had so much fun, and was able to stay in that longer than her stroller!

People & even children stopped me in the street, & LOVED this idea!

My fave push car by Step2, called the Whisper Ride Buggy. It comes in blue & pink, & sells for $60. Best gift ever!

Happy shopping!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows fun ways to go out & about!

Want fun colors for Spring for the entire family?


Then head to JCrew, or shop online at www.jcrew.com!

Omg Spring has adorned each store, catalogue & online at JCrew!

From neon to bold colors, you will LOVE it all!

My pick for Momanistas is their peplum sleeveless shirt in white or navy. ~Get them while they are still on the shelves!

What is fab, is that you can shop for the entire family in one store!~LOVE this!

Take it from a Mom Who Loves Spring!

Want a great tip for an easier Egg Hunt?


Then head to Target or Walmart for pre-filled Easter eggs!

Every year I volunteer for an Egg Hunt in our neighborhood which I have down to a science.

With our busy lives, sometimes we as parents need to make our lives easier, & can’t do everything.

So instead of filling eggs into the wee hours of the night, Target or Walmart have companies that have done it for you!

From pastel colored eggs, to bright colors, & theme eggs, these make things easier! (The best deal is 50 eggs for $10 at both stores.)

A new fun trend are glow in the dark eggs, sold at Target. I love this idea for older children, which can be done Easter night!

Happy hunting!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows how to make things easier!

Want great shoes for Spring & Summer for your children?


Then head to Stride Rite, or shop online at www.striderite.com!

Wow! Stride Rite does not only carry great new styles, they are made very well too!

From cushioned padding, to styles made wide or for narrow feet, they have it all!

For the past nine years I have bought my children a variety of different brands of shoes, & Stride Rite is one I them.

Last year at the, “PetiteParade & Vogue Bambini” fashion show, Stride Rite featured all of their 2013 line, & I was loving them all!

From metallic sandals, to classic boat shoes, Stride Rite is keeping up with Fashionista kids, as well as Momanista mothers! LOVE this!

Check out their website, or take a ride to the nearest store, & you will be pleasantly surprised!

My absolute fave for toddlers & young girls is the rainbow metallic Tessa sandal! It goes with of the fabulous colors for Spring & Summer!

For boys I love the classic boat shoes in tan & navy! Easy to put on, & looks great with casual or dressy outfits too!

Happy shoe shopping!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows about being a Shoe-a-nista!

Want a great way for your little one to get comfortable iceskating?


Then grab a folding chair, & take it to the rink!

Today we were at an iceskating party, & the instructors brought out folding chairs for the children, & parents who didn’t know how to skate.

Some facilities have walker-looking-like tools for children to feel comfortable on the ice. This can prevent some spills, fear of falling, as well as help your child have great form.

Also they had a push sled for disabled children which was awesome! (Call your local rink to see what tools they have for your children before you go.)

I actually tried pushing the chair, & taught a few parents how to skate for the first time, while skating with my daughter.

Another fun thing to do if your child wants to take a break, have them sit in the chair while you give them a ride around the rink. I know how to ice skate, & enjoyed pushing the chair around the rink, after my daughter felt comfortable skating solo.

Enjoy another great Winter fun tip!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES making things easier!

Want gluten free cookies that are peanut & Treenut free, as well as are milk & egg free?


Then have your grocer carry, “Dr. Lucy’s Cookies”, simply by asking the manager!

Finding alternatives for children with allergies can be difficult, especially if you have two children with different allergies.

Lucy’s Cookies are all peanut & tree nut free, milk & egg free too!

They come in a variety of flavors like maple bliss, chocolate chip, cinnamon, chocolate, oatmeal & sugar.

Lucy’s also makes brownies & snack & go bags which are great for travel, or to keep in your pocketbook, diaper bag or car.

Dr. Lucy developed these products because her child had severe food allergies, & wanted a great tasting dessert.

These cookies are delicious, crunchy & tasty!

Enjoy another allergy free option for your child!

Go to www.drlucys.com to order, view details about their products, or get more information.

Take it from a Mom Who found a great product for children with allergies!

Want a great gift for children?


Then make a basket full if Crayola items!

When in doubt, get a gift that is crafty!

Between children who have it all, or when you are just stumped as to what to get a child… A basket filled with Crayola items is a true winner !

Whether it be a birthday or holiday, this gift basket is perfect for any age!

I usually go to Target or Michael’s, & pick a variety of items like paint, paper, marker sets, outdoor chalk, play dough, crayons, pastels, or other age appropriate items from Crayola.

Next fill a basket with primary color tissue paper, wrap in clear wrap, then adorn with a rainbow ribbon, & their you have a unique gift!

Happy shopping!

Take it from a Mom Who likes finding unique gifts!

Want a natural sweetener that your children will LOVE?


Then purchase a bottle of organic Agave Nectar!

Agave is not only the sweetener with the lowest glycemic index, it is natural, gluten free, has no preservatives, is sweeter than sugar, & is delicious!

I am always looking for ways to do things for my family in a healthier way.

Agave is a wonderful replacement for sugar in unsweetened cereal, oatmeal, smoothies (when fruit is not that sweet), in baking, & so much more!

Made from the Agave plant, the nectar is extracted, & is naturally sweet. Agave has a similar taste to honey, & is lighter, like simple syrup.

Give it a try, even replacing sugar, or artificial sweeteners in your coffee or tea!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows about good things for our families!

Want jelwery that is chic for you, safe for your baby, & fun for your toddler?


Then check out, “Chew Beads”!

Omg, wow! This company has created fun jewlery for mother & child, & amazing teething rings which are absolutely fabulous!

Not only are they safe for babies & children, they are a must have!

Chew beads come in a variety of designs, colors, as well as bracelets for mother & child!

Made from 100% non-toxic silicone, they are BPA-free, are made without any harmful chemicals, in which their website is very specific about safety concerns.

They just came out with a new line of jewlery for kids, that is soft, great for children with sensory needs, & fun to wear!

To preview all their fab products, go to www.chewbeads.com!

Chew beads make a great baby shower gift, kids party favor, & more importantly, a fun accessory for mother & child!

Who says you can’t look stylish 24/7?

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES Chew Beads!