Want a great way for your little one to get comfortable iceskating?


Then grab a folding chair, & take it to the rink!

Today we were at an iceskating party, & the instructors brought out folding chairs for the children, & parents who didn’t know how to skate.

Some facilities have walker-looking-like tools for children to feel comfortable on the ice. This can prevent some spills, fear of falling, as well as help your child have great form.

Also they had a push sled for disabled children which was awesome! (Call your local rink to see what tools they have for your children before you go.)

I actually tried pushing the chair, & taught a few parents how to skate for the first time, while skating with my daughter.

Another fun thing to do if your child wants to take a break, have them sit in the chair while you give them a ride around the rink. I know how to ice skate, & enjoyed pushing the chair around the rink, after my daughter felt comfortable skating solo.

Enjoy another great Winter fun tip!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES making things easier!

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