Want a great way for your family to be organized?


Then head to Target to their dollar section, or shop online @ www.target.com!

With all the many things that I do, & the many hats I wear, list writing is imperative for my family!

If I don’t write it, then it sometimes doesn’t happen, which can be frustrating.

Writing a list is not only good for you, but for your children as well.

They can use lists like these, or Post-It’s, but teaching them this skill will stay with them forever!

The pads I found in Target are called, “Task Pads”, & are only $1 each!

Similar pads I found in Papyrus & Neiman Marcus were over $10! ~Fab find for less!

Happy planning!

Take it from a Mom Who is filling out her list for the week!

Want great recycle bags for your fruits & veggies that extend freshness?


Then head to Stop & Shop, or Amazon.com for recycle fruit & veggie bags!

Half of my shopping cart weekly in the market is filled with fruit & vegetables. Therefore, I wanted to find bags to both take & store them in.

There are so many different types of bags, & price ranges to choose from, so I picked three (All found on Amazon).

b.b Begonia 4 piece set @ $13
Flip & Tumble 5 piece set @ $8.50
Bring It 12 small piece set @ $10

Not only are our landfills filling up, plastic bags take a long time to decompose!

Ask your supermarket manager to order produce bags, & you will see how longer your produce lasts.

Happy storing in a better way!

Take it from a Mom Who bought a set today!

Mom Who Knows Event @ Benefit in Soho, NYC!


Calling all Mommies! Lock in your babysitters now, or simply come while the kids are in school!

Mom Who Mom Who Knows Beauty Bash @ Benefit!

When: Thursday, May 9th!

Where: 454 West Broadway btw. Prince & Houston, in NYC

Time: 12:00-1:30pm

$40 per person Includes either a FREE eyebrow wax, threading or shaping, makeup application, light Horderves, wine & champagne, fun giveaways, & $40 towards a makeup purchase!

Please RSVP by May 3rd to 646-345-6701. Leave your first & last name, & contact information.

Benifit is one of my favorite lines, & many of the looks of mine you all love, come from their products!

Treat yourself to a day of fun for Mother’s Day!

Hope to see you there!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES Mommies Day Out!

Want a natural approach to seasonal allergies for your children?


Then head out & stock up on saline nasal spray, homeopathic eye drops, Boogie Wipes & netting!

As a mother of a child who suffers from allergies, I have tried everything!

The things that have worked for us are, natural preservative free saline by BabyGanics, Similasan Allergy Eye Relief drops, Boogie Wipes (made with saline, my fave), & netting for infants/toddlers (baby carriers, strollers & for Pack & Plays).

What an allergist has taught us, is that netting can prevent some allergies from little noses & eyes.

When you come in from the outdoors, change your child’s clothing, & wash his or her face, then use saline to clean out their nasal passages.

Boogie Wipes are the greatest invention for wiping & blowing noses! Made scented or unscented, these moist towelettes, are ones that kids love!

Depending on their age, if eye drops are needed, ask your pediatrician if you could use them.

It is important to do all of the above because your clothing, body & hair acts as a magnet for pollen, which can make symptoms worse.

Keep windows closed both at home & in the car, as well as make sure to change any air filters if you have a central air system.

My mantra is natural first, then if that doesn’t work, it is wise to talk to your doctor about other alternatives.

Happy Spring!

Take it from a Mom Who has a one up on allergies!

Want an amazing resturant that is PURE, or a great way to eat?


Then head to Pure Food & Wine in NYC!

Omg! What an amazing resturant I had the privilege to try yesterday!

Pure Food & Wine is located 54 Irving Plaza in NYC, is all raw & Organic!

I have been a Pescatarian for almost two years, & was so impressed with all the dishes I tried!

From the fab juice selections, to the guacamole, salads & desserts, I wanted to go back for dinner!

Fresh Organic fruits & vegetables are so important for our well being!

It does make a difference, for my blood work has improved significantly on my health journey!

Eating raw and fresh is natures natural prescription, which is worth giving it a try!

Go to www.purefoodandwine.com, & check out their takeout shop, One Lucky Duck @ www.oneluckyduck.com!

Whether it be in NYC or locally, add a few more fruits & veggies into your family’s diet!


Take it from a Mom Who LOVES Pure Food & Wine, & you will too!

Want amazing Organic products for body & home made with the BEST ingredients?


Then head to redflower in NYC, or shop online at www.redflower.com!

There is nothing better than luxury products for yourself, & redflower has it all!

From body to home, their Organic ingredients, minerals & essential oils make their products unique.

I absolutely LOVE their, “Care Package” icon on their website, which features fab gifts!

From New Parents, to Get Well, & Housewarming, there are so many other great groupings which take the hassle out of gift gifting! ~LOVE this!

Check out their Ingredient section as well, where you can be the chemist & view products that fit your personal needs.

Enjoy another great find!

Take it from a Mom Who is enjoying her redflower goodies tonight after bedtime!

Want no slip headbands for mother & child, that actually hold all types of hair?


Then go to www.sweatybands.com, or head to Nordstrom!

Headbands either hold or don’t, & it is hard to find one that does it all until now!

Sweaty Bands not only come in fab colors, they come in different widths, can be custom, & are amazing!

What I love is that they are fun, & hold both thin & thick hair too!

Enjoy this fab accessory for mother & daughter!

Take it from a Mom Who loves the cheetah, glitter, & zigzag prints!

What’s your fave…

Want to save your child’s artwork minus the guilt of saving everything?


Then check out www.artkiveapp.com!

There is nothing better that saving your child’s masterpieces, but they can add up over the years…

This app is amazing, for you can share it with family & friends, & make a book or items of their art too! ~LOVE this!

I have a portfolio for each of my children which is packed, & now we can make a book yearly of their work!

Check out their site which has been featured on the TODAY Show, as well as many others.

Enjoy recycling, & Happy Earth Day!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows a thing or two about downsizing! 😉

Want to know how to make popcorn in a healthier way?


Then head to Trader Joes, or your local supermarket!

There is nothing like homemade popcorn, & another snack that your family will love!

Microwave popcorn not only smells like plastic, it can omits toxins, which is harmful to your health.

Oprah, Shape Magazine, & many other websites have discussed the concerns of gasses being released from the plastic lining as well.

A better choice is either an air popper, or making it my favorite way… on the stove!

Our family recipe is 1/2 cup of Organic popcorn, 2 tbs. Organic canola oil or Organic coconut oil, & sea salt.

Heat a large pasta pot in medium heat, then add the oil, & kernels.

Next cover with a lid and shake lightly after the popcorn begins to pop.

When you don’t hear the kernels popping, remove from the heat, & add salt to taste.

This snack is full of fiber, is a healthy snack, & one your family will devour!

Happy popping!

Take it from a Mom Who is enjoying hers along with a movie!

Want fun clothing for girls from infant to tween?


Then head to the Country Mouse in Staten Island, New York!

From infant photo shoot lace diaper covers, to crystal pacifiers, first birthday outfits, to fun fashions… this store has it all!

The Country Mouse also carries boys clothing, as well as accessories & fun gifts too.

I love unique items, & the grey lace diaper cover with matching hair flower is my fave!

The Country Mouse is located at 570 Forest Avenue, & orders can be made by phone @ (718) 273-1842.

Enjoy the ruffles & baby bling!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows about fun fashion for kids!