My thoughts & prayers are with all those who lost their lives, as well as all of those who were affected by today’s tragic event in Boston!


There are no words for today’s tragic event, but prayers instead.

It is unfortunate that children witnessed these horrifying images & stories, which can be traumatizing.

As parents we need to be there for our children, to comfort & make them feel safe.

My opinion, is that it is not necessary to bring tragic events up to small children.

It is too much for them to handle, unless they bring it up to you I feel.

My husband & I make it a point to never watch the news in front of our children.

Not to shelter them, so they don’t worry about things that they are unable to comprehend.

Sometimes there is no rationalizing tragic events, so just be there to listen & to nurture your children.

God bless all of those lives that were lost, those who are injured, & thank you to all those civilians who ran to donate blood, & help those in need.

Take it from a Mom Who is saddened today! 🙁

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