Want a fun arts & crafts project to do with your children!


Then do veggie stamped artwork!

There is nothing that a child likes more than to do arts & crafts!

My daughter is home for Spring Break this week, so I thought it would be fun to do a few projects together.

I did this when I taught, making flowers from stamping the end of a celery stalk on a canvas. ~Absolutely beautiful!

No matter what color combination, your children will love this project!

The materials needed are: newspaper, colored construction paper or a small canvas, paper plates, 1 bunch of celery,
washable paint, & straws.

1.) Cover a workspace with newspaper.

2.) Cut 1 bunch of celery in half. Save the stalks to use as a paintbrush for the flower stems.

3.) Next have your child choose the colors they want to make their flowers, then put a tablespoon size if each color onto the plate.

4.) Then place 1 piece of construction paper or the canvas on top of the newspaper.

5.) Afterwards have your child press the celery stalk into the paint, then press into the paper or canvas.

6.) On a separate plate, put 2 tablespoons of green paint. Using either the straw for older children, & the leaves for toddlers, have then dip it into the green paint to make stems under te flowers.

7.) To make more than one painting, use a new plate, to prevent to colors for mixing.

This project can be done with toddlers to adults, so have fun!

Happy painting!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES art!

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