Want a natural approach to seasonal allergies for your children?


Then head out & stock up on saline nasal spray, homeopathic eye drops, Boogie Wipes & netting!

As a mother of a child who suffers from allergies, I have tried everything!

The things that have worked for us are, natural preservative free saline by BabyGanics, Similasan Allergy Eye Relief drops, Boogie Wipes (made with saline, my fave), & netting for infants/toddlers (baby carriers, strollers & for Pack & Plays).

What an allergist has taught us, is that netting can prevent some allergies from little noses & eyes.

When you come in from the outdoors, change your child’s clothing, & wash his or her face, then use saline to clean out their nasal passages.

Boogie Wipes are the greatest invention for wiping & blowing noses! Made scented or unscented, these moist towelettes, are ones that kids love!

Depending on their age, if eye drops are needed, ask your pediatrician if you could use them.

It is important to do all of the above because your clothing, body & hair acts as a magnet for pollen, which can make symptoms worse.

Keep windows closed both at home & in the car, as well as make sure to change any air filters if you have a central air system.

My mantra is natural first, then if that doesn’t work, it is wise to talk to your doctor about other alternatives.

Happy Spring!

Take it from a Mom Who has a one up on allergies!

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