Want great recycle bags for your fruits & veggies that extend freshness?


Then head to Stop & Shop, or Amazon.com for recycle fruit & veggie bags!

Half of my shopping cart weekly in the market is filled with fruit & vegetables. Therefore, I wanted to find bags to both take & store them in.

There are so many different types of bags, & price ranges to choose from, so I picked three (All found on Amazon).

b.b Begonia 4 piece set @ $13
Flip & Tumble 5 piece set @ $8.50
Bring It 12 small piece set @ $10

Not only are our landfills filling up, plastic bags take a long time to decompose!

Ask your supermarket manager to order produce bags, & you will see how longer your produce lasts.

Happy storing in a better way!

Take it from a Mom Who bought a set today!

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