Want to know how to make popcorn in a healthier way?


Then head to Trader Joes, or your local supermarket!

There is nothing like homemade popcorn, & another snack that your family will love!

Microwave popcorn not only smells like plastic, it can omits toxins, which is harmful to your health.

Oprah, Shape Magazine, & many other websites have discussed the concerns of gasses being released from the plastic lining as well.

A better choice is either an air popper, or making it my favorite way… on the stove!

Our family recipe is 1/2 cup of Organic popcorn, 2 tbs. Organic canola oil or Organic coconut oil, & sea salt.

Heat a large pasta pot in medium heat, then add the oil, & kernels.

Next cover with a lid and shake lightly after the popcorn begins to pop.

When you don’t hear the kernels popping, remove from the heat, & add salt to taste.

This snack is full of fiber, is a healthy snack, & one your family will devour!

Happy popping!

Take it from a Mom Who is enjoying hers along with a movie!

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