Want the coolest ice pop molds for your kids this summer?


Then head to Pottery Barn Kids, or shop online, @ www.potterybarnkids.com!

The other day while shopping in the store, I can upon these fab ice pop molds!

Ring pops for girls, & old school Rocket Pops for boys. (They are dishwasher safe, & BPA Free.)

Last year the Rocket Pops were a big hit in our home, & now the Ring Pops will surely be the new fave!

Simply add either a smoothie, fruit juice, or a fruit purée, freeze for a few hours, then enjoy!

I LOVE making homemade pops, which are super easy, as well as comforting to know that it doesn’t include ingredients that you can’t even pronounce!

Take it from a Mom Who made cranberry juice & strawberry smoothie ice pops today!

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