Want to know the meaning of what your kids are texting?


Then head to your local Hallmark store, or Amazon.com!

OMG, aka Oh My God!

In today’s world of technology, it has forced us to abbreviate words, where you can get stumped even in your child’s text message!

Or you haven’t a clue what all of the acronyms mean, right?

Well I found the BEST, cheat sheet pocket guide for all of you!

While in the Hallmark store, I stumbled upon this & had to share it with you all!

I bought one for myself, & a few for friends with Tweens.

It is entitled, “Texting Dictionary of Acronyms” by Randall C. Manning.

Get yours today, so you can understand the new lingo of the future.

NISM? (Need I say more?) Lol! (Laugh out Loud!)

Take it from a Mom Who has a one up on kids!

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