Want to know MomWhoKnows beach must have’s?


Then head to Amazon.com for my pics!

Every summer we head to the beach, & I find great new things to bring & do with our children.

My faves are:

1.) Melissa & Doug sand toys, they have such fun varieties for girls & boys.

2.) Rubber Ducky Sunscreen, the best of the best, & the ONLY sunscreen that I have found that is waterproof for 8 hours. I have been using this product for over 7 years! (Solrx were the pioneers of putting good ingredients in their sunscreen!)

3.) California Baby Sunscreen stick I love for under the eyes, nose, & shoulders. It works as a barrier for those areas that get the most sun!

4.) Melissa & Doug’s Sunny patch water bottle. I fill it with mostly ice cubes & water. I use this to cool off the kids when it is hot, or for when the saltwater burns their eyes!

5.) Kites are so much fun @ the beach. My fave is made by Manhattan Kids, which is on a stick, so there are no tears with tangled strings!

6.) Coastal Solutions Jellyfish Squish is a great spray to have if our child is stung by a jelly fish. Spray the area & use a credit card to break the stingers away!

7.) A large fishing net is so much fun for the kids to use at the beach or the bay. Watching them catch minnows, or other sea life is priceless!

8.) The most durable shovel is made by the company Toysmith. We buy them in the same color, so no one fights over a different color!

9.) Sport Brella umbrella is my fave, because it can be used at the beach, picnics or sporting events!

10.) Crayola washable paints & paintbrushes are great for painting shells or rocks @ the beach! As early as 2, your child will love this craft at the beach!

11.) I always keep a Sharpie marker in my beach bag, to label all our sand toys, items, waters & snacks to prevent issues.

12.) Me4Kidz mini first aide kits are a must in your beach bag! You never know when a boo boo will happen!

13.) Pre packaged individual snacks are a must! They may be more expensive, but there is nothing worse then a soggy snack when a large bag is opened @ the beach all day!

14.) Change of clothes for the car is perfect to prevent shivers with the AC, a rash, or a wet car/booster seat!

15.) The Sand Off Towel is filled with powder for easy removal for sandy feet!

16.) Smart Water! Freeze a few bottles, & bring lots of water! Dehydration is not fun, & this water has no sugar, just electrolytes which is perfect!

17.) Frozen fruit is a perfect snack for the beach! I Slice watermelon, cantaloupe, & grapes, then freeze them the night before. ~Delish!

18.) XL beach blanket is perfect for the entire family! Lands End at Sears & KMart sell them.

19.) Beach chairs with cup holders prevent spills & tears. BJ’s Costco, & Target have great selections. Adult size chairs are perfect for 2 children to fit on!

20.) Munchkin Safety Duck Tub or small pools are perfect for babies & toddlers to cool off!


Take it from a Mom Who Knows a thing or too about the beach!

Want to know a little secret about kids beverages @ Starbucks?


They actually carry a kids cup size, but do not advertise it!

When you look at the menu, the size cups start at tall, which is a small. But Starbucks actually carries a smaller cup for children!

Whether it be a cup of milk, a smoothie, herbal tea, or even a hot chocolate, order your child’s beverage as a, “kids size”.

Less calories, unwanted sugar, & a perfect portion size for your children! ~LOVE this!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows all the inside tricks!

Want fun shoes for the entire family?


Then head to the nearest Crocs store, or shop online @ www.crocs.com!

Last year while walking in the city, my feet were killing me wearing new shoes!

Luckily I walked into the nearest shoe store which was, Crocs!

When you think of their line you think, clunky rubber shoes, right?

Well I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a pair of Carly flats, which became my new BFF!

As soon as I slipped them on my feet I was in heaven!

Lightweight, fun colors, as well as a great price point of under $50!

Crocs really makes great shoes for the entire family too!

From sandals for girls, to slip on shoes for boys & men, you too will like some of the fun styles they carry!

I keep a pair in the car, for those just in case moments!

Take it from a Mom Who’s family loves funky styles for summer!

Want to entice your children to eat more fruit?


Then invest in a melon baller!

There is nothing I like most then for my children to enjoy a variety of fruits!

A fun way for toddlers, & kids of all ages to entice them, is to make them in a ball size.

What child doesn’t like color right?

My fave fruits to use a melon baller with are seedless watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, kiwi, pineapple, papaya, & Macintosh apples.

You can also serve your child’s fave yogurt as a dip, or make fruit kabobs too!

Make a bowl of colorful fruit balls, & watch it go!

Take it from a Mom Who cut up cantaloupe for lunch today!

Want to add plants to both purify the air in your home, as well as teach your children a lesson?


Then get a few house plants & trees!

There is nothing better then teaching your children how to care for something.

House plants & trees are a great way for children to learn many things.

Watching things grow, promoting oxygen & clean air in the home, & having a chore.

If your child has allergies, plants/trees are a great way to help clean the air in a natural way.

I love fern plants which are recommended by NASA, English ivy, mint, aloe (great for cuts), palm trees, bamboo, ficus trees, & the list goes on.

A great website I found that lists toxic & nontoxic plants/trees for children & pets is www.ladybug.uconn.edu, enjoy!

One tip, is that if you introduce a plant/tree into the house for a toddler or young child, make sure you keep your eyes open!

Never keep a small child unattended, because it could lead to a dirt fest, lol.

I like keeping plants/trees in areas like the kitchen, living room, or high on shelves.~Trust me on this!

Take it from a Mom Who has a home filled with allot of green!

Want your children to learn how to roller skate/roller blade with ease?


Then head to your local sporting goods store, Target, Toys R’ Us, or Amazon.com!

There is nothing like teaching your child how to do something fun, & why not make them learn with ease!

Roller skating/blading can be scary for some children, & intimidating for others.

Fisher Price has, “Grow With Me Skates”, for shoe sizes 5-12, which are amazing!

They come in a variety of colors & characters, as well as feature an adjustment knob.

Fisher price beginner skates are perfect for those just learning to skate, because kids have to push to move.~Love this!

The next level of skates are my fave company, Chicago Rally Jr. Inline adjustable Skates. They look like Converse Chuck Taylor’s, for boys & girls!

I like adjustable skates/rollerblades for beginner skaters, because their shoe sizes change so quickly.

It is so important to have your children wear a helmut, knee pads & wrist guards when leaning to skate.

In the era of knowing more today, wearing protective gear can prevent injury, which makes learning easier.

Happy skating!

Take it from a Mom Who Wants to get a pair herself!

Want ice pops for your children minus additives, food coloring, unwanted sugar & ingredients you can’t pronounce?


Then pick up Joie Monster Push Pop molds!

There is nothing better than knowing what your children are eating.

Treats are fun once in a while, & why not make you own!

My children LOVE to cook with me, & as well as enjoy making ice pops.

In previous posts I have discussed this, & every time I find a product that I love, you are the next to know!

Joie Monster Push Pops can be found on Amazon.com for $7, for a set of 4!

I have two sets for when friends come over, which is a hit at play dates & sleepovers.

You can add any puréed fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, pears, etc. or any fruit your children like.)

Yogart smoothies are fun to add to push pops, along with shredded coconut, mini chocolate chips, honey wheat germ, or crumbled granola bars for crunch.

For those picky eaters, this is a great way to introduce new fruits, flavors for toddlers, or make snack time/dessert healthier!


Take it from a Mom Who loves strawberry yogurt coconut pops!

Want a natural way to curb morning sickness, or nausea?

Then pick up Premium saltine crackers, salted pretzels, ginger, honey, mint tea, gingersnap cookies, peppermint & crystallized ginger!

There is nothing worse than morning sickness & nausea!

Some doctors are quick to prescribe medication, but the natural remedies usually work even better!

Mint tea is a great way to help an upset stomach, as well as making ginger tea!

Simply peel and break off a piece of ginger and boil for ten minutes. Add honey or agave nectar to take away the strong taste.

It is amazing cold, but hot is soothing as well.

Saltine crackers & salted pretzels are another great way to help with nausea. Salt helps relieve this feeling, which is amazing!

Trader Joes sells the most delicious Crystalized Ginger in the nut and dried fruit aisle, along with Gingersnap cookies.

I use keep these items in my bag, along with peppermint oil to breathe in when I smelled something that triggered my nausea.

The items above are sold in most supermarkets, health food stores, & of course Trader Joe’s!

It is worth a try!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!