Want a natural way to curb morning sickness, or nausea?

Then pick up Premium saltine crackers, salted pretzels, ginger, honey, mint tea, gingersnap cookies, peppermint & crystallized ginger!

There is nothing worse than morning sickness & nausea!

Some doctors are quick to prescribe medication, but the natural remedies usually work even better!

Mint tea is a great way to help an upset stomach, as well as making ginger tea!

Simply peel and break off a piece of ginger and boil for ten minutes. Add honey or agave nectar to take away the strong taste.

It is amazing cold, but hot is soothing as well.

Saltine crackers & salted pretzels are another great way to help with nausea. Salt helps relieve this feeling, which is amazing!

Trader Joes sells the most delicious Crystalized Ginger in the nut and dried fruit aisle, along with Gingersnap cookies.

I use keep these items in my bag, along with peppermint oil to breathe in when I smelled something that triggered my nausea.

The items above are sold in most supermarkets, health food stores, & of course Trader Joe’s!

It is worth a try!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!

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