Want a great solution to nightmares or fear of monsters?


Then get a water bottle, lavender oil, & H2O!

Occasionally my children have either woken up from a nightmare, or have been afraid to fall asleep, which can be stressful.

I came up with “Monster Dream Spray” that gets rid of bad dreams, as well as keeps monsters away too!

Just fill a spray bottle with water & 10 drops of lavender oil, then label the bottle with each child’s name on it.

Place the spray on a night table, or keep it in the hallway closet, for easy access.

If your child is afraid to go to bed, just have them spray their room to prevent monsters from coming.

Let them know just as bug spray keeps bugs away from us, this spray keeps monsters far away too!

If your child wakes up upset from a bad dream, just spray their pillow and sheets to promote good dreams.

Lavender oil has therapeutic properties for relaxation, so what better way to calm a child down naturally!

Take it from a Mom Who has good dreams, & no monsters in her house!

Want the coolest backpack for toddlers to teens?


Then head to www.madpax.com!

These just have to be the coolest backpacks around!

Madpax makes backpacks in three sizes, Nibbler (for Preschoolers), Half Packs (for Elementary), & Fullpack (for Middle to High School).

They are lightweight, come in a variety of styles, & are truly unique! ~LOVE this!

My pic for girls is the, “Bubble” in pink, & for boys the, “Blok” in Navy!

Madpax backpacks range in price starting at $32, & go up to $60.

Some children’s boutiques sell them, as well as Chasing Fireflies, & Amazon.com online.

I saw the entire collection today in Southampton, NY at the children’s store, “Between”. ~Amazing selection!


Take it from a Mom Who wants one for herself!

Want to make going to the movies easier?


Then go to www.fandango.com to purchase movie tickets!

There is nothing I love more than to make our family outings easier!

Today I knew it would rain, & purchased tickets for, “Monsters University” on Fandango.

Not only was their website so easy & quick to use, I added their App to my phone to place my order.

Prior to my purchase, I read the reviews, & watched the trailer with my children which was fab!

We were able to see all the theaters & movie times which made things easier in planning our day.

After my order was placed, an email was sent to me ASAP. All that was left to do was to swipe my credit card at the Kiosk at the theatre!

Easy, simple, & a breeze!

Take it from a Mom Who didn’t wait on line today! ~LOVE this, & you will too!

Want to know about the latest duct tape craze?


Then head out to your local toy store, Target, Michael’s, or Amazon.com!

What started as kids making bracelets, has turned into bigger & more creative things!

From small to large width rolls, from pen coverings, to pocketbooks, shoelaces, wallets, the possibilities are endless!

Alex Toys has fun starter sets which I love, for your kids to get the hang of it.

Afterwards, you could purchase a variety of tape from any of the above stores.

The greatest feature is that it is just a tear & rip project. Simple, easy & fun for both boys & girls!

My five year old daughter loved making funky bangle bracelets, while my son made decorative pencils for school, I went crazy & made a leopard pocketbook!

Happy creating, & you too will be hooked!

Take it from a Mom Who encourages creativity! ~LOVE this!

Want a box of fun for kids ages 3+?


Then check out the puzzle box, “About Face”, by eeboo!

On my Summer quest for fun things for our children, I stumbled upon this, & many other items at Stevenson’s Toyshop in Southampton, New York.

“About Face” is filled with 160 images of fun photographs of objects that are found in the streets of NYC, & at the beach.

The object is to create countless funny faces, that your kids will love!

Today my five & nine year old had so many laughs seeing who had the funniest creation!

This box is great for restaurants, play dates, or a fab way to put a smile on your child’s face.

There is nothing better than seeing children being creative, & enjoying Summer! ~LOVE this!

Take it from a Mom Who loves having fun with her kids!

Want fab activity for your children to kick off Summer?


Then pick up a poster board, markers, crayons, & let the ideas flow for Summer!

What a great way for your children to collect their ideas of things to do this season.

There is nothing better than fun experiences for your family, as well as making new memories each year.

Today my children & I first made our own lists on scrap paper, then I wrote out their check off list.

Afterwards, they drew pictures of each item near it, & our list was complete!

Enjoy another fab & fun idea your children will love!

Take it from a Mom Who wants to catch fireflies this Summer!

Want a great outdoor ball for the beach or outdoors?


Then head to www.HearthSong.com!

I love finding fun & unique things for our children, & these outdoor giant balls, are a sure hit for all ages!

Check out the Incred-a-Ball, The Playball, Y’all Balls & lastly the GBOP Jr., for your children.

These fun inflatable balls range in size from 32″- 63″, & come in fun colors too.

Hearth Song sells an electronic pump which is a must, for you can inflate & deflate these in a snap! ~LOVE this!

Whether playing solo, or with friends, children will flock to these balls!

What better way for your children to run in the great outdoors all year long!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows all about fun!

Want to best teething item for infants?


Then pick up, Sophie The Giraffe & friends!

There is something about this teething item that babies just adore!

Whether it be the spots, adorable design, or easy to grasp feature, your child will LOVE this!

Made in France, & my fave, is that this product is 100% made out of natural Hevea sap!

The company, Vulli who produces these products, take pride in making sure that all the materials are environmentally safe for children! ~LOVE this!

Amazon.com sells great sets of Sophie, & most boutiques, as well as Buy Buy Baby, & Babies R’Us.


Take it from a Mom Who Knows what kids love!

Want to know the best toothbrush & toothpaste for kids ages 4+?


Then head to Amazon.com for Philips Sonicare toothbrush, & Tom’s oral care for kids!

Teaching your children to take care of their teeth is so important, especially at a young age.

Our dentist suggested to use a spin brush, & Sonicare for kids is truly amazing!

It comes with replacement heads in two sizes, one for ages 4-7, & 7-10, which is perfect, versus other brands.

Character spin brushes add up over the year, & this toothbrush on Amazon is priced at $50, versus $70 in most stores.

Between the speed of the bristles, as well as a built in timer, your kids with love this!

Along with a fab toothbrush, you also need amazing toothpaste…

Hands down, Toms of Maine makes great flavors like strawberry, orange, mango & mint.

With or without fluoride, this toothpaste doesn’t have dyes which I love, & kids enjoy their great tasting flavors!

Take it from a Mom Who’s kids are cavity free!