Want a great solution to nightmares or fear of monsters?


Then get a water bottle, lavender oil, & H2O!

Occasionally my children have either woken up from a nightmare, or have been afraid to fall asleep, which can be stressful.

I came up with “Monster Dream Spray” that gets rid of bad dreams, as well as keeps monsters away too!

Just fill a spray bottle with water & 10 drops of lavender oil, then label the bottle with each child’s name on it.

Place the spray on a night table, or keep it in the hallway closet, for easy access.

If your child is afraid to go to bed, just have them spray their room to prevent monsters from coming.

Let them know just as bug spray keeps bugs away from us, this spray keeps monsters far away too!

If your child wakes up upset from a bad dream, just spray their pillow and sheets to promote good dreams.

Lavender oil has therapeutic properties for relaxation, so what better way to calm a child down naturally!

Take it from a Mom Who has good dreams, & no monsters in her house!

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