Want to make going to the movies easier?


Then go to www.fandango.com to purchase movie tickets!

There is nothing I love more than to make our family outings easier!

Today I knew it would rain, & purchased tickets for, “Monsters University” on Fandango.

Not only was their website so easy & quick to use, I added their App to my phone to place my order.

Prior to my purchase, I read the reviews, & watched the trailer with my children which was fab!

We were able to see all the theaters & movie times which made things easier in planning our day.

After my order was placed, an email was sent to me ASAP. All that was left to do was to swipe my credit card at the Kiosk at the theatre!

Easy, simple, & a breeze!

Take it from a Mom Who didn’t wait on line today! ~LOVE this, & you will too!

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