Want a temporary alternative to piercing your child’s ears?


Then head to www.poppydrops.com, for an amazing selection of temporary tattoo earrings!

I love discovering fun items for children, & found these for a friend of mine whose daughter wanted her ears pierced.

Poppy Drop earrings are made with vegetable dyes, that are kid-safe, fun, easy to apply with an applicator, & buy you time to piercing your child’s ears!

They have a fab variety of styles to choose from, as well as sell nail & temporary tattoos for boys!

Also these earrings can be used on dolls, which can entice your child to using a temporary fix.

I love their motto, “No Piercing. No Pain. Just fun!”

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES squashing kids battles in a peaceful way!

Want to a great place to take your children to learn about healthy eating?


Then head to your local Whole Foods!

Most people don’t realize, but Whole Foods actually have tours, food courses, as well as a Kids Club for FREE!

Today I inquired about the Kids Club, & my children took a tour, & left with a healthy snack of their choice!

Anyway I can foster healthy eating & promote a love for, “Good Choices”, I am all for it!

Each child signs up for an ID card at the Customer Service counter. Upon each visit, he/she can choose a healthy snack.

For more information on classes, tours, or the Kids Club, go to, www.wholefoodsmarket.com!

Enjoy another fab place to take your kids!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES the idea of healthy choices for kids!

Want an Organic snack that is gluten free, Non-GMO, is baked & delish?

Then you must check out, Good Boy Organics, “Organicasaurus Cheddar Cheese snacks!

Oven baked, low calorie, no saturated, trans fats, or sugar included, & just plain delicious!

I am always looking for snacks are are made with ingredients that I can read, as well as are great alternatives to other snacks.

We as parents choose to buy things for our children, & it is imperative to give them healthy choices!

Organicasaurus’ are a fab cheese doodle makeover made healthier, & a snack your children will love!

They are certified Gluten-Free, made with Organic & Non-GMO ingredients, perfect for play dates, or snack time.

Go to www.GoodBoyOrganics.com for more product or retail information.

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES Non GMO products!


Want a fun paddle game for indoor & outdoor use?


Then check out the, “Hit Mit”!

It’s paddle ball to the next level, lightweight, waterproof, for all ages, & can be used anywhere!

The Hit Mit comes in six colors, has a travel pouch with three balls, & has openings on either mit, for both hands.

What I love, is that it is made out of EVA foam, which is soft, & floats in the water!

For retailers, go to www.thehitmit.com.

Enjoy another fab indoor/outdoor toy for all!

Take it from a Mom Who had a ball @ the beach today, & so will you!

Want a fun arts & crafts activity to do @ the beach, or @ home for ages 2+?


Then head to the beach & collect a bucket of shells to paint!

From age 2, to adult, there is nothing better than collecting a variety of shells, then painting them!

Whether you do this activity at the beach or at home, it is one in which your children will love!

Every summer I pack a large ziplock with paint brushes, a few paint pallets, & plastic cups for water for our children, & friends they meet on the beach.

Items needed: *Crayola tempera washable paint, or water cold pallet, *paint brushes, one cup of water per child, Sharpie marker, & a newspaper.

1.) Collect a variety of seashells on the beach, then wash them off, & let dry on a newspaper.

2.) Give each child a newspaper, paint set, paintbrush, & cup of water to rinse brushes.

3.) After all of the shells are painted, let them fully dry.

4.) With a Sharpie marker, initial or write each child’s name to prevent mix ups!

*For older children, purchase a canvas, or wooden picture frame at Michael’s Craft store, & hot glue the shells to make a memorable item!

Happy painting!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES creativity!

Want my fab vegetable rainbow lasagne that will be devoured?


Then head to your local farm stand or market for a rainbow selection of veggies!

As I am on the quest for a healthier lifestyle, I created a lasagne that is light, filling & delicious!

Mom Who Knows Rainbow Lasagne

*2 red organic peppers, seeded and sliced into strips, 1 organic butternut squash peeled & cubed, 2 organic zucchini cubed, 2 yellow organic summer yellow squash cubed, 1 large or 2 small organic eggplant cubed, 1 small box of organic spinach, 1 bunch of fresh basil leaves torn, & 1 small container of organic mushrooms cubed.

*1 large salted fresh mozzarella thinly sliced

*1 cup of grated parmesan cheese

*2 tbs. of Organic salted butter

*Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*Sea salt

*1 box of “No Boil” whole wheat lasagne noodles

1.) Preheat your oven to 375*.

2.) On a cutting board cube all veggies minus the basil leaves.

3.) Drizzle the olive oil, and sprinkle sea salt and toss lightly.

4.) Next pour veggies onto a cookie sheet, then place on the top rack of your oven. Roast for 15 minutes, turn, then cook for an additional 15 minutes.

5.) Meanwhile butter a lasagne pan, the layer one row of noodles.

6.) Next divide the veggie mixture in half on the cookie sheet.

7.) Place half of the mixture on top of the noodles, then add half of the box of raw spinach on top of the veggies. Add some torn basil leaves, then top with half of the sliced mozzarella, and 1/2 cup of the parmesan cheese.

8.) Add another layer of noodles, and repeat the steps above. (Place extra noodles in a ziplock for a future lasagne.)

9.) Afterwards cover tightly with, “Non Stick” Reynolds foil & bake accordingly to the directions on the pasta box in the middle rack in the oven.

10.) When the timer goes off, uncover the lasagne, & broil for 3-5 minutes in the top rack until golden brown.

11.) Set for 10 minutes, then serve!

Enjoy another delicious, & healthy recipe for your family!

Take it from a Mom Whose Kids LOVE eating a rainbow of veggies, & you will too!

Want an amazing selection of fab sun & reading glasses for your children?


Then check out ZooBug glasses!

In one word, “Wow”! From kids glasses, to sunglasses, this website has the hippest styles I have ever seen!

From age, to nose fit, to materials, eye size, color preference, & UV/Polarized protection, this company has thought of it all!

Developed by eye surgeon, Dr. Julie Diem Le, she wanted to create a high quality product for children up to twelve years old, & she truly has!

Her line is sold worldwide, has won countless awards, & is truly an amazing product! ~LOVE them all!

A few fab features are detachable headbands for babies, unique designs for all ages, & most importantly your child will love them!

Children deserve great eyewear too, & what better way to get glasses that fit them properly, versus store bought brands.

Each pair come with care instructions, a cleaning cloth, & a zippered protected case, which is easy for kids to maneuver.

For more information go to www.zoobug.com!

Take it from a Mom Whose daughter loves her fab ZooBug, pink Daisy Sunglasses!

Want to put a smile on your child’s face this Summer?


Then head to your local carnival, boardwalk or an amusement park!

From toddlers to teens, heading out for a night of fun with your family is priceless!

Every Summer we try to go to a local carnival, & meet friends every year at an amusement park by the beach.

The smiles, laughter & photos that are captured are priceless!

From rides to games, to fun treats, your children will have a blast!

Some parks give discounted rates for large groups, so get your friends together for a night of fun!

Take it from a Mom Who overcame her fear of roller coasters this weekend!

Want to know about the latest new craft craze for kids?


Then check out the, “Rainbow Loom”!

Everywhere you go you will notice at least one kid, tween, or teen wearing a woven colorful bracelet!

“Rainbow Loom” is primarily made for children ages 8+, but can be made with children over 4, under adult supervision. (Not recommended for children under 3, due to small parts.)

The kit sells for $20, & includes step by step instructions, & the tools you will need to make these fab & fun bracelets!

Most local toy shops sell them, as well as Amazon.com!

For more information, instructional videos, or store locator, go to www.rainbowloom.com!

Extra bands are sold separately, in mixed or solid colors too! From glow in the dark, to neon & rainbow colors, your child will truly love this craft!

“Rainbow Loom” bands are made out of latex free rubber, as well as are BPA, Lead, Phthalate, & Chromium FREE! ~LOVE this!

It makes a great gift, craft, playdate or birthday party activity!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES when kids get crafty!

Want a fab book as a great accompaniment to visiting an art museum?


Then head to Amazon.com for Susan Verde’s book, “The Museum”.

I love getting books for our children whenever we visit a museum, or take a family trip.

Books are a great way for children to learn about a place that they visited, as well as have a lasting memory.

“The Museum” is about a girl who looks at works of art & expresses how they make her feel.

Susan Verde has an amazing way with whimsical words, & her illustrator, Peter H. Reynolds illustrations make the reader feel what the character is feeling.

Our children, ages 5 & 9 absolutely loved the book as did I!

“The Museum” inspired us to make a family journal when we visit MOMA next week in NYC!

Happy reading!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows about fab books for kids!