Want a fun arts & crafts activity to do @ the beach, or @ home for ages 2+?


Then head to the beach & collect a bucket of shells to paint!

From age 2, to adult, there is nothing better than collecting a variety of shells, then painting them!

Whether you do this activity at the beach or at home, it is one in which your children will love!

Every summer I pack a large ziplock with paint brushes, a few paint pallets, & plastic cups for water for our children, & friends they meet on the beach.

Items needed: *Crayola tempera washable paint, or water cold pallet, *paint brushes, one cup of water per child, Sharpie marker, & a newspaper.

1.) Collect a variety of seashells on the beach, then wash them off, & let dry on a newspaper.

2.) Give each child a newspaper, paint set, paintbrush, & cup of water to rinse brushes.

3.) After all of the shells are painted, let them fully dry.

4.) With a Sharpie marker, initial or write each child’s name to prevent mix ups!

*For older children, purchase a canvas, or wooden picture frame at Michael’s Craft store, & hot glue the shells to make a memorable item!

Happy painting!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES creativity!

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