Want a great way to keep dry from infant to adult this Summer?


Then purchase a box of Organic Rapunzle Cornstarch powder!

This week our area has been in the high 90’s, which can do a number on your skin.

From prickly heat, to sweat, or even a rash, dusting your body with cornstarch can relieve those symptoms naturally!

The other day I met a mother whose baby was in a diaper in his stroller. I gave her my tip of dusting under her son’s neck, underarms, diaper area, back of his neck & back to prevent a rash.

Cornstarch is unscented, inexpensive, as well as a natural way to stay cool!

I would purchase small travel bottles in the travel section in your market for the entire family to use! (Great for your diaper bag too!)

I found Rapunzle Corn Starch on Amazon for under $3, & all health food stores carry this product as well.

Enjoy this fab tip!

Take it from a Mom Who is keeping her family cool this summer!

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