Want to make birds a fab home?

Then pick up Melissa & Doug’s, “Build Your Own Bird House”!

This summer after visiting a bird sanctuary, our children have been so into bird watching.

Whether you live in the city, or the suburbs, adding a birdhouse to a tree near your home is the perfect place for one!

City dwellers can bring one to a local park or playground, so others can enjoy the wonderful world of birds too!

The kit that Melissa & Doug have need to be assembled with a screwdriver, so adult supervision is needed.

It comes with paint & a brush, but you will also need a long hammering nail for the perch, a Sharpie marker, & can of clear flat lacquer to weatherproof the birdhouse.

For little one ages 2+, a parent should assemble the house, then let the children paint it.

I put newspaper on the table, as well as let the kids use the box it came with to paint.

Afterwards hammer a nail underneath the hole opening as a perch, for the birds to enter their new abode, lol!

I had the kids write their name & the year underneath the house, before we lacquered them outside.

This activity is also fab as a birthday party activity (just assemble the houses), or as a party favor.~LOVE this!

Go to either www.melissaanddoug.com, or Amazon.com for information or to purchase.

Take it from a Mom Who Loves doing crafty things with my kiddies!


Want to teach your children about peace & equality?

Then teach your children about Martin Luther King Jr.!

Today marks the 50 year anniversary of that very speech, that was such am imperative part of history.

It is important that children know about those brave individuals who paved the way for others, & changed history, like Martin Luther King Jr. did!

After discussing with your children importance of Martin Luther King Jr., a fun activity is to have them draw what their dream is, or to write it down.

You’d be surprised how children as young as five understand the meaning of a dream, equality, & peace!

Take it from a Mom Whose dream is that all children learn the importance of that very speech that changed the world!


Want to get your children ready to get back to school?

Then follow my 5 simple steps that work!

1.) Make a countdown to school poster.

Using poster board, markers/crayons, write the number of days until school begins, & have your children decorate it.

Each day have them cross out the day, & if you have more that one child, give them one chance every other night.

2.) Start putting your children to bed earlier, & get a morning routine in place.

I would begin the week or a few nights before school begins. Start 15 minutes earlier each night, until you get to the desired bedtime.

In the morning I would have the children have their breakfast, get dressed & teeth brushed at the desired time that they need to get ready for a school day.

This also gets your children used to what their morning will be like too.

3.) Head to the library or local book store for, “Back to School” books!

By reading fun stories to your children before school begins, it can make light of feelings in which they might have regarding school.

Books are a fantastic way to make children excited about going to school, or to learn about what will happen in the school year.

My fave books are, “Mrs. Nelson Is Missing”, “Amelia Bedelia Goes To School”, “The Night Before First Grade”, “Listen Buddy” & “The Principals New Wardrobe”.

4.) Invest in a children’s calendar!

Melissa & Doug make a wonderful calendar that is fun to use, & a fantastic way for children to learn what to expect for the month.

5.) Purchase a responsibility chart from Melissa & Doug.

Having a chart like this is a great way to teach your children responsibility, & a learn about their daily schedule.

You can use wipe off markers to add personal tasks that are not part of the kit too.

Go to www.melissaanddoug.com or amazon.com to purchase the items above, or for more information & reviews.

As a former educator, I have seen many things, & children who have a routine, & whose parents are excited about school, their children are too!

My technique is a fab way to get your children ready for school in a non-stressful way.

Take it from a Mom Who Knows a thing or two about making going back to school fun!


Want to do something one with nature with your children?


Then take them to a local bird sanctuary, or nature trail!

Every season we take our children to observe nature & those animals who inhibit that area.

We pack a few bottles of H20, a snack, hand wipes & bird food, then venture off for an amazing experience!

In our fast paced everyday lives, it is important to appreciate what lives amongst us.

From a variety of different sounds, to exquisite flowers & trees, taking a moment to take it all in with your children is priceless!

When a small bird lands on the palm of your hand, you can only for one moment feel like, “Snow White”, lol!

From infant to adult, taking a nature walk is a must, & a moment in which your children will forever remember… Just you, & the world around them!

Take it from a Mom Who loves to take time to teach her children to appreciate the little things in life!

Want a delicious NON GMO fruit snack for your family?


Then check out, “barnana Chewy Banana Bites”!

On the hunt for healthy snacks, I came across this amazing product that is Organic, made with NON GMO ingredients, is Gluten free, packed with vitamins, potassium, & fiber! ~LOVE this!

“barnana bites” come in regular, or my kids fave, “Chewy Chocolate Banana Bites”!

For more information or to purchase online, go to www.barnana.com!

Take it from a Mom Who is ordering a case of the, “Chewy Chocolate Banana Bites” for a fab afternoon snack or for dessert!

Want the best legwear from infant to tween?


Then head to www.babylegs.com!

I had the opportunity to preview all of Baby Legs fab collection last week, & it is a, “Must Have Item”!

My daughter used Baby Legs since she was a baby crawling four years ago, & uses them today at age five, as leg warmers for ballet, or arm bands.

They have a variety of products for girls & boys made with SPF for the sun, insect repellant for the outdoors, infant to tween leg warmers/arm bands which have multipurpose uses! ~LOVE this!

Whether you are in a cold resturant, outdoors in the hot/cold weather, or have a little crawler on your hands, Baby Legs can be used on legs or arms!

I have used them on a plane too, for arms & legs get cold, & this product is a must in every diaper bag, I think!

The array of colors & styes are amazing, & my fave are their animal prints of course!

From camouflage to varsity stripes, skulls to rocket ships, flowers to pink cheetah print, Baby Legs have a pattern for all!

Take it from a Mom Who can’t wait until they make a set for her!

Want to take the kids for frozen yogurt that is rated #1 in the country?


Then head to the nearest Red Mango Yogurt shop!

There is nothing better then healthy alternatives for your family, & promoting them for your children.

What I love about Red Mango is that their yogurt is made with probiotics & natural ingredients, is gluten & fat free, & that they have a variety of cup sizes.

Most yogurt stores have one jumbo cup which can lead to bigger portions, which can be a problem. (Because it is yogurt, does not mean that the size is unlimited I have taught our children!)

I always let the kids pick their flavor, then I monitor the quantity of yogurt goes into their cups.

Also they must choose 1 fruit selection along with their 1 or two treat toppings, 2 spoons of each. -A great idea is to add fruit into sweet treats I think!

It is important to assist your child with toppings because a large cup, means more toppings in their eyes!

We as parents have the power to teach our children about healthy choices, as well as need to model that as well!

Take it from a Mom Who enjoyed her Red Mango plain yogurt with fresh strawberries, blueberries & coconut!

Want one dress that can fit your daughter ages 4-10, & worn infinite ways?


Then check out, “Infinity For Girls” fab dress collection!

Last year I got a preview at the ENK show in New York City of these amazing dresses, & fell in love with them!

From bright colors, to print & jersey fabric, these dresses can be worn in many ways!

With or without straps, bustled up, or half up or down, this is a MUST for girls!

For $99, this one dress fits girls ages 4-10, can be turned into different looks, & worn for a few years.~LOVE this!

My daughter has worn her Infinity dresses as a strapless beach coverup at lunch, or adjusted it for a fancier look when going out to dinner.

Check out their website at www.infinityforgirls.com for more information.

Take it from a Mom Whose daughter loves her selection of Infinity Dresses, & so does her Mom!

Want a fab beach or pond aquarium for your children?


Then pick up, “Beach Aquarium Catch & Release” fishbowl!

A month ago I was at the 5c & 10c store in Sag Harbour, New York & found this amazing find!

A plastic aerated fish bowl, with a floating handle, lightweight, that could be taken to the beach or pond!

Our children love our summers at the beach, as well as finding hermit crabs, fish, frogs & fireflies.

So what better & humane way to capture these creatures right? ~LOVE this!

Teaching your children about nature is so important for their development, & releasing them is just as important too!

This product is perfect for children ages 2+, and will be a sure hit this Summer!

Matermindtoys.com sells this item too, @ $10, which makes a fab gift for children, or as a party favor!

Happy exploring with your children!

Take it from a Mom Whose children captured frogs & fish this weekend!

Want a healthier snow cone for your children minus artificial colors?


Then head to Amazon.com for the Nostalgia Retro Snow Cone machine & Honest Kids juice pouches!

Our children love ices, as well as the ice cream man in the Summertime, who doesn’t?

What I don’t like are the neon colors that stain their mouth for a day, as well as ingredients that I can’t pronounce!

We invested in a snow cone machine which is not only fun, but can be used to make healthier versions of a summer treat.

Instead of purchasing syrups made with corn syrup & other additives, I decided to use Honest Kids fruit pouches, or fruit juice as the flavoring!

They have many flavors like apple, berry lemonade, fruit punch, grape, or tango punch.

Fresh pressed juice like watermelon or pineapple are delish as well!

At first our children asked why it wasn’t brightly colored, then after the first taste it didn’t matter!

Why not make a healthier alternative right?

Enjoy a nostalgic & delicious treat! ~LOVE this!

Take it from a Mom Who Loves grape snow cones!