Want a fab beach or pond aquarium for your children?


Then pick up, “Beach Aquarium Catch & Release” fishbowl!

A month ago I was at the 5c & 10c store in Sag Harbour, New York & found this amazing find!

A plastic aerated fish bowl, with a floating handle, lightweight, that could be taken to the beach or pond!

Our children love our summers at the beach, as well as finding hermit crabs, fish, frogs & fireflies.

So what better & humane way to capture these creatures right? ~LOVE this!

Teaching your children about nature is so important for their development, & releasing them is just as important too!

This product is perfect for children ages 2+, and will be a sure hit this Summer!

Matermindtoys.com sells this item too, @ $10, which makes a fab gift for children, or as a party favor!

Happy exploring with your children!

Take it from a Mom Whose children captured frogs & fish this weekend!

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