Want a fun way to paint with your children ages 2+ this summer?


Then paint with flowers!

Every season I LOVE painting with our children, & doing unique things with them.

Today I cut hydrangea, & lavender to let the kids use them as paint brushes.

This activity is fun, unique, & one in which your children will love!

You will need:
*Washable tempera paint (Crayola’s my fave)
*White construction paper
*1 Paper plate per child
*Glue Stick
*Melissa & Doug’s Picture Frame Pad
*1 Marker
*Newspaper or cookie sheet
*Cut flowers

1.) Either lay newspaper on a table, use a cookie sheet, or paint outdoors.

2.) Next pour a quarter size dollop of paint of every color onto a paper plate.

3.) Instruct your child to lightly dab the flower into the paint, then onto the white paper.

4.) After their painting is complete, write their name, or have them write their name on the bottom right side of their paper.

5.) When the paint has completely dried, trim the paper to fit inside the frame, then glue.

Happy painting in a new, & fun way!

Take it from a Mom Who hung up a few masterpieces in her home today!

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