Want to do something one with nature with your children?


Then take them to a local bird sanctuary, or nature trail!

Every season we take our children to observe nature & those animals who inhibit that area.

We pack a few bottles of H20, a snack, hand wipes & bird food, then venture off for an amazing experience!

In our fast paced everyday lives, it is important to appreciate what lives amongst us.

From a variety of different sounds, to exquisite flowers & trees, taking a moment to take it all in with your children is priceless!

When a small bird lands on the palm of your hand, you can only for one moment feel like, “Snow White”, lol!

From infant to adult, taking a nature walk is a must, & a moment in which your children will forever remember… Just you, & the world around them!

Take it from a Mom Who loves to take time to teach her children to appreciate the little things in life!

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