Want to shop for groceries in half the time?


Then head online to your local supermarket, market or Amazon.com!

Whether you are a stay at home or working parent, food shopping can be quite a task.

With the juggling acts of parenthood, we sometimes need to find ways to make our lives easier!

Most local supermarkets & markets have either FREE, or a small service charge for food deliveries, & accept coupons as well! ~LOVE this!

Some families wouldn’t consider this option, but it could be great if you have a busy week at home, or on the job, or a child home sick, where shopping is the last thing on your list!

For first time deliveries, most facilities offer a discount for your first order, so check online for that information.

If you are traveling within or outside the US, there are great delivery options like Amazon.com, & diapers.com where you don’t have lug all of your toiletries, & most food items for your children.

*Make sure that you contact the hotel where you are staying, & have it arrive the week before you are going, to make sure you have all that you will need!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES finding new ways to make life as a mother a little bit easier!

Want a fab way to display your children’s masterpieces?


Then head to Amazon.com for, “Lil Davinci” frames!

There is nothing better than seeing your child’s face whenever you hang his/her artwork!

From toddler to teen, displaying their works of art promotes self esteem, pride, creativity, art appreciation & so much more!

The frames range in different sizes & prices, & my fave is their trio set!

They come in black, but I am going to spray paint mine in brushed gold, & lacquer them in clear (this will prevent peeling).

After which, take a trip to a local gallery or museum to show your children where their art could wind up someday!


Take it from a Mom Who LOVES displaying her children’s works of art!


Want a tres chic recycle bag for when you are out & about?


Then you must check out Tara Martin’s, “My Other Bag” line!

These bags are not only for the market, they can be used as a diaper or beach bag, to use on the plane, or roll it up for traveling.

“My Other Bag’s” are great to take to the resturant or to the park, filled with your children’s items, & so much more!

She also created makeup bags too, which are adorable!

Tara one day was in a market in California (which is environmentally savy~LOVE this!), & they didn’t have plastic bags. She then put all of her items in her designer bag & her idea evolved!

Tara designed a fabric bag with designer bag images on them which became a hit!

Who says your groceries or items don’t need a fashionable bag too? Lol!

To order, or check out her collection at, www.myotherbag.com!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES them all!


Want 3 fab ways to help prevent Breast or Cervical Cancer?


Then make an appointment for a Thin Pap, Mammogram & blood work!

Every September I make my annual appointment with my OBGYN when the kids go back to school.

I have found that by the last week in September I am settled with the kids routines, & then it is time for me!

We as women MUST make it a point to get annual testing which helps early detection, or possible health issues.

The Thin Pap is one of the most accurate tests for ovarian cancer, & is a MUST to request from your doctor!

Having your annual OBGYN appointment is another MUST, for your doctor takes urine specimens, does a breast exam, & checks your internal female organs.

It is a great time to discuss any female issues or changes in your body, because you know best what you are feeling.

I always request a vaginal sonogram to be extra cautious, & because of my family history.

Yearly blood work is another important factor in detecting any issues, as well as is important to monitor yearly.

I am big advocate for these 3 exams, because it CAN save a life, & we need to do it for ourselves!

Take it from a Mom Who is at her appointment now, & make it appoint to make yours too!


Want a fab recipe for chicken soup that your family will devour?


Then head to the market with the list below!

I am know to love to cook, but sometimes our children are picky, which can get tricky in changing a recipe.

Chicken soup is a great one pot meal, packed with natural medicinal properties!

Fab for the common cold, sore throat, or for a cold fall day!

Mom Who Knows Fab Chicken Soup

*1 cup of diced Organic carrots

*1 cup of diced Organic celery

*2 cup of diced Organic butternut squash

*1 large sweet Organic onion peeled & left whole

*1 cup of Organic parsley chopped

*1 small box of Organic baby spinach

*3 boxes of Organic Free Range Chicken Broth

*1 slice of a parmesan rind, or a 3″ chunk of fresh Parmesan cheese

*2 tbs. of Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*2 Organic Free Range chicken breasts with the skin on

*1 box of Alphabet or Star small pasta

1.) In a large pot on medium heat, add olive oil & heat for 2 minutes.

2.) Add the whole onion in the center of the pot, along with the two chicken breasts (skin side down) on either side of the onion.

3.) Slightly brown for 3-5 minutes, then turn the onion & chicken breasts for another 3-5 minutes.

4.) Next add the carrots, celery, butternut squash, parmesan rind, & chicken broth.

5.) Let it come to a boil, then lower the heat slightly & boil for 20 minutes.

6.) Add the spinach & parsley, then cook for another 5 minutes.

7.) Remove pot from the heat, remove the onion & parmesan rind, & discard. (If you used the 3″ inch chuck, it should have melted into the soup.)

8.) Afterwards remove the chicken breasts & set onto a cutting board to cool.

9.) In a Cuinisart or blender, ladle 4 cups of soup, liquefy, then add back to the pot & stir.

10.) Remove the skin & bones from the chicken, and shred the meat, then add back to the pot & stir.

11.) Cook the pasta according to the box directions, and store in an airtight container.

12.) Measure a 1/4 cup of star pasta in each child’s bowl, & a 1/2 cup for each adult. Then ladle soup into each bowl, & enjoy!

I have found that by removing the onion, most children WILL eat this fab soup, because it has flavor!

The butternut squash adds a natural sweetness, along with the carrots.

Parmesan cheese gives the soup a great taste, & the star/alphabet pasta is more appealing to children I have found!

By puréeing a few cups of the soup, it gives a heartier consistency, & great color.

Enjoy another fab recipe!

Take it from a Mom Who made a double recipe, one for tonight, & the other is frozen in small containers for future meals!


Want another great 100% Nut Free, Whole Grain snack for your children that is educational?


Then head to Whole Foods for Dick & Jane’s, educational cookies!

Having a nut allergy is very difficult, as well as for parents who have issues sending snacks without nuts to school.

Dick & Jane cookies are made in a 100% nut free facility, are made with Whole Grains, are low in sugar, & are delish!

They come in three choices, English/Spanish, US Presidents, & States! ~Love this!

Currently they sell these in Whole Foods, but check out their website for more information at, www.dickandjanebakingco.com!

Our children love that they can bring in a treat for those students who have a nut allergy, & so do I!

Take it from a Mom Who Loves finding great alternatives!


Want amazing haircare products for your children that are natural & Organic?


Then you must check out, “Glop & Glam” products!

In one word… “Wow!”

Glop & Glam have truly covered all bases for fab products:

*They use natural & Organic ingredients.

*The have fabulous scents that kids love like bubblegum, banana, candy apple, watermelon, blueberry, cake batter, green apple, & creamsicle. ~Love them all!

*Have the perfect hold, shine, & are truly a, “must have” product!

*Children actually want you to wash or brush their hair, lol! ~ My fave!

From shampo & conditioner, to gel, conditioning spray, glitter hair gel, & pomade, they suit all your kids needs.

I have used a variety of children’s hair products, & have been easily disappointed until now. ~Thank you Glop & Glam!

For more information or to purchase, go to www.glopandglam.com!

Take it from a Mom Whose children don’t have a hair out if place lol!


Want another great story about healthy choices for your children?

Then pick up, “Jolene Adventures Of A Junk Food Queen”, by Alexa Palmer & Catharine Kaufman!

This fifty five page book tells the story of a girl named Jolene, who has bad eating habits.

She meets a cast of characters like The Cavity Ranger, The Pizza Police, Phantom of the French fries & many more, to discover what junk food does to you.

Jolene goes on a wild adventure & learns about making healthy choices when she arrives at, “Goody Kingdom”.

She learns the importance of fruits, vegetables, nutritious snacks, & learned how to make smoothies too!

Treats & certain foods are okay once in a while, but not on an everyday basis she learns.

This story is a fabulous way to have family discussions about making good choices, & saving certain treats for the weekend!

The book ends with a few delicious recipes to make with your children which are delish! ~LOVE this!

In our home we have, “Movie Night” which I have discussed before, our children can pick small treats to go with their popcorn.

This teaches them that candy is NOT a snack, & to appreciate healthy choices!

Authors Alexa Palmer & Catherine L. Kaufman have self published this book which can be purchased on Amazon, so check it out!

Take it from a Mom Who has added this fab book to her collection!


Want to know where to get fruit & vegetables that have a longer shelf life?

Then head to the nearest Farmers Market in your area!

There is something to be said about local produce, especially that it tends to last longer than store bought. ~Love this!

One fab tip is to purchase extra berries and herbs, wash and air dry them completely, then freeze them!

Our children drink smoothies so much so, that it can get pricy. Buy buying in bulk when fruit is in season, it is less expensive, as well as preserves their amazing taste!

From pies to muffins & cookies, adding fruit is another way of adding something good into your family’s diet.

When it comes to veggies, making vegetable or other favorite soups in double batches & freezing them is key.

Happy shopping, & take your children to pick out their fave fruits & veggies!

Take it from a Mom Whose family loves local fruits & veggies!


Want the inside scoop of Patricia Field’s fab trunk show for Fashion Week?

Last night I had the pleasure of joining Patricia Field at her fab California Trunk Show at her Bowery boutique location in NYC. www.patriciafield.com

She is not only a icon, with a unique niche & funky fashion sense, but a pioneer & puts the F in Fashionista!

From dressing the cast of, “Sex In The City”, to countless television series, movies & celebrities, Patricia Field still keeps her boutique alive & young!

From fun accessories, to trendy fashion, shoes, makeup & hair, Patricia’s House of Field is filled with that & more!

Bella Magazine NYC, Hard Energy Mixers, & Alacran sponsored this memorable evening, while Harukasalt spun fab mixes keeping the night alive!

A special thank you to Lisa Ajello for working her magic at every event she is a part of!

Take it from a Mom Who had a Carrie Bradshaw moment when she left… Pouring rain, running to her car in her red soles…. Only in New York!