Want to be prepared to go out late with your children, or be ready for anything?

Then pack an old backpack or diaper bag with the items below!

I am one of those mothers who is always ready for anything!

If, “Let’s Make A Deal” were still on television, then I would be the existing champion, lol!

In our car for the past nine years, I keep my old diaper bag filled with the following items:

*Bath towels w/wash cloths
*California Baby travel toiletry set
*Happy Socks
*Overnight diapers/Pull Ups
*Toms Children’s toothpaste
*Dixie bathroom cups
*Travel size tooth brushes
*Fiji water
*Small blanket
*Change of clothes
*Ziplock bags to separate items

By having a bag in your car at all times, staying late at a friends house, or while out & about, you can be ready for anything!

The other night we took our children to the Yankee game, & showered the kids beforehand because it would be a late night.

On the way home, the kids changed into their pajamas & brushed their teeth, so we were able to carry them to bed.

Making our lives easier is a mantra in which I live by, & so can you!

Take it from a Mom Who has traveling down in the blink of an eye!


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