Want to nurse, feed your baby a bottle or do a diaper change with ease while shopping?

Then head to the nearest dressing room either at the mall, or while shopping in the city.

When our children were born, I use to go out with them all of the time, & found that there weren’t too many areas to feed or change them comfortably.

One day while shopping at Nordstrom, I was in the dressing room with my son who needed to be fed, & I came up with his technique.

I fed & changed his diaper with ease in a stress free way! No more sweating sitting on a chair, or nervous how I was going to find a comfortable spot to nurse him.

In my stroller I kept a ziplock with Chuck pads (found at medical supply stores), which are disposable pads to make the changing area sanitary, as well as diaper bags, & a travel size Lysol spray.

Walking around the city to find a spot can be tricky or cramped, so any store will do.

My faves… department stores, & children’s stores have larger dressing rooms FYI, while on the go!

Baby Gap, Gap, & Pottery Barn Kids have a bathroom in the store which most people don’t know about!

Enjoy feeding & changing in peace!

Take it from a Mom Who truly knows!!!


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